Window Treatment Options for Every Room

When choosing the right window treatment for each room in your house, you’ll need to consider the purpose of your rooms, the directions the windows face, and your personal style in decoration. Windows can add that special touch to a room, to make it feel complete. We looked at types of window treatments in our previous post, so today we’re looking at what to do with them.

Window Treatment Options by Room


What you’re generally looking for in the bathroom, of course, is privacy. Blinds or shades are a good suggestion, as they are the most private option. Adding curtains or other fabrics is a great idea, however bathrooms tend to be humid, so having fabric that is easily washable is a plus.


It’s all about coordinating in the bedroom. The window treatment should look good with your bed spread and color scheme of the room. You can choose from a variety of fabrics, based on personal preference. If you work odd hours, or you have a window facing east, drapes or blackout curtains may be helpful if you don’t want the sun waking you up in the mornings.

Dining Area

Again, it’s about coordinating with the decor in the room, so the big open areas like dining and living rooms are great for letting creativity abound. Keep in mind again, large windows will be more sensitive to heat and cold, so energy efficient curtains may be beneficial during the hottest and coldest times of the year.

Family Room

Pick a style that matches your family’s personality. If you actually use the family room a lot, choose cozy inviting styles and colors for your window treatment. If you’re modern, you can choose more modern blinds to reflect your style.


The kitchen may be the most iconic place in the house for valances and tiers. There are so many patterns for kitchen windows. The suggestion here: Let the cook decide how to decorate the kitchen! Whoever spends the most time in the kitchen should enjoy it and have the colors and patterns they like when it comes to windows, towels, and cookware. If your kitchen window faces west, however, it is a good idea to have blinds on the window, so that evening sun isn’t blinding the chef as they cook dinner.

Tricks and Tips for Windows

You can’t change the windows, but you CAN change the window treatments. 

  • If the window is too small, hang the curtain rods to extend further out, and use big panels to make the window feel wider.
  • If the window is too low, place the curtain rod close to the ceiling and use a big valance in addition to your long curtains. You can give the impression of larger windows.
  • If the room itself seems short, use vertical blinds to make it seem taller.

Style Tips and Tricks

You don’t have to go overboard with window treatments in order to make a statement. If you change some of your decor frequently, you can make simple adjustments to the curtains to match the decor without spending a ton on completely new pieces every season.

  • It’s okay to mix contemporary and traditional styles! The rules are “There are fewer rules than you think there are.” If you like a combination, go for it!
  • Spice it up! Floral prints can seem overwhelming to some people, but they can also be really romantic. Tie your floral drapes with a tassel and use sheers to cover the windows. Dramatic and romantic!
  • Keep it Simple. If you’d rather not change the fabric often, you can add some flair with decorative hardware. Keep the fabric neutral, but still make a bold impact.