Wedding Registry Essentials

Wedding Registry Essentials
What you need, and what will just clutter up your life

Depending on your age and where you are in life, when you get to the wedding registry season of life, you could still need basics or you may be ready for a few luxury items. Where ever you are though, you want to make sure you register for practical gifts that will be beneficial to your new married life. While it may be fun to add a few crazy items on there, at the end of the day, you’ll want to find reasonable items that you both will use and enjoy.
So, what do you really need for you wedding registry?

Good Bedding

Seriously, number one, hands down. Especially if you’re young, you don’t want to bring old college jersey sheets into your wedding bed. Ask for good sheets. At least two sets, and the comfy pillows and blankets too!


Towels are a great thing to have on hand, and matching towels are even better. Many people will pick up towels as a wedding or Christmas gift, so if you have a collection picked out, they can get a match!

New cookware

This is another item that may be based on age and place in life. If you’ve already been on your own, you may have recent cookware. But, if you’re still sporting hand-me-down pots and pans your parents gave you before college, it’s time for an upgrade!

Dishes and Barware

If you are already sharing a home with your future spouse, you may be set on dishes and silverware. But, do keep in mind, once you’re married, you may be entertaining family more. So, now is a good time to make sure you have plenty of dishes, silverware, and basic barware. Wine glasses, beer mugs, and pitchers and decanters are good to have on hand for entertaining. Skip the formal settings though- don’t buy anything that will just take up a lot of space and not get used.

A vacuum cleaner

This is another item that you may already have, but we’ll say the same thing as we did about the cookware: if it’s a hand me down that’s had its more than fair use, take the opportunity for an upgrade!

What do you not need on your wedding registry?

This is much easier- if you won’t use it, don’t register for it. Maybe you want a pizza stone, a new blender, a waffle maker, luggage or 5 different types of cocktail glasses. If you and your significant other love those things, then register for those things! If you know you will never use a waffle maker in your life, then definitely skip it! Don’t think you need to put anything on your wedding registry just because it’s a traditional item.
Now, get out there, order good stuff, and CONGRATS on your engagement!