Wallpaper or Paint for a New Look

Wallpaper is making a comeback. So disregard those images from grandma’s kitchen and start planning how you can add wallpaper accents to update your home. Whether on TV or in design magazines, you can see new, sleek wallpaper designs that combine colors, patterns, and textures to add a pop of excitement in various rooms of your house.

Pros of Wallpaper

Color: Like paint, wall paper comes in an endless selection of colors. But, you can also get one of a kind patterns and textures as well, meaning unlimited options for paper and paint combinations.

Durability: Paper holds up well against wear and tear. It doesn’t scratch easily and many varieties are even washable. If you have kids, being able to wash dirty fingerprints off the walls will definitely come in handy.

Price: Wall paper comes in a variety of price points, so you’ll be able to find something that fits your needs and your budget.

Ease: While paper takes a little more work to apply and remove than paint, if you are looking for a customized look, the design options with wallpaper will be easier than hand painting designs with paint.

Choosing the Right Look

Room Purpose: Calming colors in the bedroom? Vibrant colors in the kitchen? Let the purpose and the feel of your room decided which direction you want to go with style.

Room Size and Brightness: Busy and bold patterns can be overwhelming in small spaces or they can be a reflection of your personality, and may be a perfect fit for you.

Updating Often: There are removable paper options if you plan on changing your design within a few years. Wallpaper removal takes time and energy, so pick something (more) permanent or pick a removable option.

Scared of Wallpaper? If you’re afraid of overdoing it, or not liking it, try using paper as an accent. Try a small, half wall or a bookshelf, or check Pinterest for other ways to add accents to rooms without overdoing it.