There’s a Mouse in the House! (And how to get rid of it)

The autumn and winter seasons are the prime times for pests to start making their way inside and out of the cold. One such pest, the mouse, can cause quite a bit of damage if they make your house their home. Therefore, it’s never too early to start mouse proofing your home and getting prepared for the cooler weather coming soon.

First Things First

If you see a mouse in your home, the odds are there are several more hiding out. Like us in the winter, mice need shelter and food. Consequently, if one can find their way in, others will follow, and then they’ll multiply quickly.

Mouse Signs

  • Droppings are the most clear and common sign of mice. Mouse excrement can carry a number of diseases and the droppings can increase frequency and severity of allergies and asthma as well.
  • Boxes have been chewed. Look for food boxes that have been gnawed on.
  • Wires may also be chewed. This can can serious damage and become a fire hazard as well, so be aware if you see signs of nibbled wires.

To Prevent Mice

Check the Entries– As with other infestations, knowing where the pests get it is crucial to stopping entry. Fall is a great time to check the seals to doors and windows. Check for cracks in your home or foundation, as well. Caulk the cracks and use steel wool as an additional barrier.

Inspect the Garage– Look for signs of damage (the chewing and the droppings) and make sure everything is sealed up tight. Look especially at electrical wires. You also don’t want the rodent getting under the hood of your car and making a meal out of your ride.

Skip the Home Prevention– Cayenne pepper, peppermint oil, dryer sheets… your house will be scented, but there is no evidence they repel rodents.

Food Containers- Make sure your pantry items are sealed tight. Also, pet food is an attraction to mice. If you leave your dog’s food out all day, you may want to consider feeding times and sealing the food between feedings. When the rodent can’t find food, he’ll be on his way.

If You Have Them

Try Traps– Traps may be effective if you do not have too many rodents in your home, but their effectiveness hinges on you knowing the entry point. If you know the entry point, you can place your traps nearby and catch them as they come in. If you are unaware of the entry point, it would be a good time to…

Call a Professional- An exterminator is trained to know how to identify entry points. Get recommendations from friends, and check their licensing to ensure the best service.