Testimonials: Read our success stories below to see how we are impressing our customers with our amazing cleaning abilities!
<h1 data-ft="{&quot;type&quot;:1,&quot;tn&quot;:&quot;K&quot;}">Testimonials</h1>
Pit to Palace has been cleaning my residence for almost 3 yrs. I love the service they provide and the staff. They are honest and ready to please. My home always looks and smells fresh. I’m so thankful I found them. <em><strong>~Margaret~</strong></em>
Great job! Very professional, detailed and courteous! Now, our home is ready for our graduation guests! <em><strong>~Lisa~</strong></em>
<p data-ft="{&quot;type&quot;:1,&quot;tn&quot;:&quot;K&quot;}">We love Pit to Palace Cleaning! They do an incredible job at keeping our office extremely clean to the finest detail. They are always professional, take pride in doing their job well, being dependable, and having excellent customer service. Simply put, they are the best. We highly recommend! <em><strong>~Burleson Pediatric Dentistry~</strong></em></p>
We have been out of town and just got back home. The house looks amazing! Your team did a great job! <em><strong>~Crystal~</strong></em>
Great place to work! Very compassionate about our jobs. Rachel is the bomb ,great employer! <strong><em>~Lee~</em></strong>
Pit to Palace deep cleaned my home a few days ago and I am super pleased with the result.    They exceeded my expectations and I will most definitely use them again. <em><strong>~Dawn~</strong></em>
First time trying Pit to Palace Cleaning and I must say I’ve used many services when we still lived in Austin and was always just satisfied. Since we moved up here we’ve tried a couple services from Cleburne and one lady from Alvarado who frankly I was scared for my family for her to be in our home and quickly excused her after her asking me to pay for gas for her to come. Then while in burleson my wife was at Starbucks she saw a vehicle with Pit to Palace on the glass and asked the barista to get a card for her so we could call the lady who I only assume was the owner then bought her coffee. Then today was our first service and I’m beyond words thrilled and appreciate the attention to detail and how great our experience using them has been. Top notch work and if your not using these ladies then your missing out. Thank you again ladies <em><strong>~Josh~</strong></em>
Awesome chick to work with, understands the value of the people inside, not the value of the building being cleaned! Love this place will never hire anyone else!!! <strong><em>~John~</em></strong>
Great team! It’s been a pleasure to work with them! <em><strong>~Lisa~</strong></em>
You guys do a great job! Keep up the good work! <em><strong>~Varina~</strong></em>
I just want to say thank you to P2P for all the wonderful work they do. It seems like they are always going above and beyond. I am extremely pleased with their work. Thank you P2P! <em><strong>~Kevin~</strong></em>
Need someone you can trust? You found them- Honest, dependable. Will work with you to personalize the right cleaning job for your household. Great people! <em><strong>~Kelly~</strong></em>
I love working with Pit to Palace cleaning! At the end of the day I have pride in knowing that what I do matters! <em><strong>~Elizabeth~</strong></em>
The ladies in Pit to Palace Cleaning are very friendly and hard-working. They don’t waste time and are professional and will go above and beyond what is expected of them. With this company you will get a thorough cleaning and be satisfied like I am. I will recommend this company to everyone I know. Thank you so much for all you do and all the hard-work y’all provide!! <em><strong>~LeAnn~</strong></em>
These ladies are Fabulous ! Check list is so impressive and they go above and beyond! Recommend them all the time. <em><strong>~Tami~</strong> </em>
The Chamber would like to congratulate Pit to Palace Cleaning on receiving the 2014 <a href="https://www.facebook.com/BurlesonChamber/photos/a.122713435854.114919.109849065854/10152571986920855/?type=1&amp;theater" target="_blank" rel="noopener">Rising STAR Small Business of the Year Award</a> <em><strong>~Burleson Area Chamber of Commerce~</strong></em><br />

I LOVE Pit to Palace Cleaning. Just one example: I am a full time working mom of two crazy (but seriously cute and amazing) boys and my husband is a business owner so our home reflects the hectic schedule of our everyday life. I left my home one morning when Pit To Palace was going to come and I was mortified; unmade beds, laundry on the couch (clean but not put away, feel me moms?) and a boatload of dishes in the sink. My work day was seriously stressful and I drug my tired butt home with my little loves and walked into a beautiful home that smelled like I was a stay-at-home with an affinity for cleaning and smell-scapes. Thank y’all SO much. You allow me to come home and just ‘BE’. I get to tickle my baby boy’s belly and play hide and seek because I don’t have to worry about my house. That’s what you mean to me!! Integrity, above-and-beyond work and my saving grace. Thank y’all SO MUCH!!! ~Erin~
We are very impressed. Excellent work! Thank you for everything. ???? ~ Chris~
This was my first time using a cleaning service. So glad I choose Pit to Palace I am very satisfied with the final results. I will defiantly be calling you again. ~ Angela~
Don’t look any further! This is the cleaning company for you! We have had many other companies clean our home and Pit to Palace beats them by a long shot in the quality of the clean AND price. They are very kind and respectful of your home and we feel comfortable when they are here. Very detail oriented and thorough. This is coming from a crazy cat lady with 6 indoor pets so if they can get my house clean, they can definitely get the job done for you! ~ Amanda~
Helped me moved & cleaned before & after. Great service!! ~Tiffany~
Thank you for getting my house ready and helping me move everything. I don’t know how I could have done it all without you ladies!! ~Lisa~

★★★★★ Pit to Palace provides great service and do an incredible job. If you need to get it clean, give them a call. ~Bruce~
★★★★★ I give a 5 star rating above and beyond any cleaning I’ve ever had I recommend them to everybody I know excellent work excellent prices good people you will not find anything better Pit to Palace!!!! ~Tammy~
As much as I like feeling proud of work that I’ve done myself, I also appreciate walking into a home that is clean and organized and I DIDNT CLEAN IT!!! Rachel and Elizabeth are “our angels”as someone else put it. They take care of our home like it was their own…. Each of my boys rooms are arranged and cleaned uniquely to them. I appreciate most their Christ-like attitudes and servant hearts!! Thank you ladies for all you do!!;)  ~Carrie~
Rachel and Elizabeth are our Angels! We’re moving to a new location and the floors and carpets really needed some MAJOR tender loving care. They came in yesterday afternoon and made the place shine. It smells better too! Great job – thank you so very much! ~Survival Depot in Burleson~
I wanted to tell you how much I loved my closet and finding my shoes!!! ~Felice~
Sam and I wanted to let you know what a fantastic job Elizabeth and Leticia did on our house. It was so clean and sparkling. We absolutely loved it. One of them cleaned out the fridge and as always the bathrooms were fresh and smelled wonderful. Please thank them for us. ~Margaret~
Thank you very much! The house is amazing. I love the ladies & hope I can have you back! ~Janice~
Elizabeth, Rachel, and the Pit to Palace crew have been cleaning our house for several months now, and they do a wonderful job. It’s so nice to come home to clean bathrooms & kitchen, fresh sheets on the beds, mopped floors, and everything else they do! Our daughter especially looks forward to her super-tidy room with all of her teddy bears and “babies” arranged neatly on her bed. Thanks for everything you do! ~Matt~
Rachel and her crew are fabulous! I work full time and go to school full time but unfortunately my many furbabies don’t, so she makes sure my home is always clean and cozy regardless. I haven’t used another company since we met and I’d recommend the service to anyone! ~Natalie~
Highly recommended! ~Troy~
So nice to wake up to a clean house this morning! Thank you to the wonderful ladies who cleaned it for us – Miss Rachel, Miss Lindsey and Miss Liz! My husband said “Wow – the house looks great” and my daughter said “I wish they would come everyday!”  ~Katherine~
You guys do a GREAT job! Happy to tell people about you!!! ~D’Neida~
I’m feeling like things are actually obtainable and manageable! All of these beautiful ladies are answers to prayers I’ve been praying for many many many months now. And they are all absolutely wonderful at what they are do and do it with the most amazing attitudes and spirits. This is possibly one of the best days of my life, I’m not gonna lie. ~Melissa~
I highly recommend this cleaning company! They do a great job and are very reliable. They’ve been cleaning for me for two months and I couldn’t be more satisfied. I’m picky too! Give them a try.  ~Judy~