Paris, TX Location

Paris TX location

Great News! Pit to Palace Cleaning is expanding. We are opening a new location in Paris TX in June 2017.


Paris TX is located in Lamar County just below the Red River & Oklahoma Border. The City of Paris is a tourist area with many things to see. The most famous landmark is the Eiffel Tower. It stands 65 feet tall and has a red cowboy hat that hangs off the top. The hat itself is almost 4 feet tall. If you haven’t seen this amazing Eiffel tower in person, you should make a visit. City Population is over 25,000.


About the Operator:

Stephanie Musick is a dedicated wife & mother. Her husband Jerry is a hard working fellow for the City of Paris. Their children attend North Lamar ISD. In their free time, Stephanie and her family enjoy cooking out BBQ and visiting Pat Mayse Lake.


Customer Service Department

Please email customer service for the quickest response time. (24/7 customer care)

Corporate Office location: Burleson, TX

Mailing Address: P.O. Box 694 Burleson, TX 76097

Window Treatment Options for Every Room

When choosing the right window treatment for each room in your house, you’ll need to consider the purpose of your rooms, the directions the windows face, and your personal style in decoration. Windows can add that special touch to a room, to make it feel complete. We looked at types of window treatments in our previous post, so today we’re looking at what to do with them.

Window Treatment Options by Room


What you’re generally looking for in the bathroom, of course, is privacy. Blinds or shades are a good suggestion, as they are the most private option. Adding curtains or other fabrics is a great idea, however bathrooms tend to be humid, so having fabric that is easily washable is a plus.


It’s all about coordinating in the bedroom. The window treatment should look good with your bed spread and color scheme of the room. You can choose from a variety of fabrics, based on personal preference. If you work odd hours, or you have a window facing east, drapes or blackout curtains may be helpful if you don’t want the sun waking you up in the mornings.

Dining Area

Again, it’s about coordinating with the decor in the room, so the big open areas like dining and living rooms are great for letting creativity abound. Keep in mind again, large windows will be more sensitive to heat and cold, so energy efficient curtains may be beneficial during the hottest and coldest times of the year.

Family Room

Pick a style that matches your family’s personality. If you actually use the family room a lot, choose cozy inviting styles and colors for your window treatment. If you’re modern, you can choose more modern blinds to reflect your style.


The kitchen may be the most iconic place in the house for valances and tiers. There are so many patterns for kitchen windows. The suggestion here: Let the cook decide how to decorate the kitchen! Whoever spends the most time in the kitchen should enjoy it and have the colors and patterns they like when it comes to windows, towels, and cookware. If your kitchen window faces west, however, it is a good idea to have blinds on the window, so that evening sun isn’t blinding the chef as they cook dinner.

Tricks and Tips for Windows

You can’t change the windows, but you CAN change the window treatments. 

  • If the window is too small, hang the curtain rods to extend further out, and use big panels to make the window feel wider.
  • If the window is too low, place the curtain rod close to the ceiling and use a big valance in addition to your long curtains. You can give the impression of larger windows.
  • If the room itself seems short, use vertical blinds to make it seem taller.

Style Tips and Tricks

You don’t have to go overboard with window treatments in order to make a statement. If you change some of your decor frequently, you can make simple adjustments to the curtains to match the decor without spending a ton on completely new pieces every season.

  • It’s okay to mix contemporary and traditional styles! The rules are “There are fewer rules than you think there are.” If you like a combination, go for it!
  • Spice it up! Floral prints can seem overwhelming to some people, but they can also be really romantic. Tie your floral drapes with a tassel and use sheers to cover the windows. Dramatic and romantic!
  • Keep it Simple. If you’d rather not change the fabric often, you can add some flair with decorative hardware. Keep the fabric neutral, but still make a bold impact.

Curtains: A Necessary Accessory

When choosing window treatments, it seems like there are an unlimited number of options for every window. Curtains, blinds, drapery: each treatment serves an important function for the various rooms in your home. So, in addition to knowing the types of window treatments available, you’ll want to know how to choose curtains for each room … Read more

Cabinets in the Kitchen

Cabinets in the Kitchen

Cabinets of all Kinds

Updating your kitchen to keep up with what’s trending can be a lot of fun. What is trending now days though? When updating anything in your home you always want to be in the loop on what’s in and what’s not. You could always just decide to go with what you like vs. what’s trending. Just know you have more than plenty options.

Types of cabinets

Depending on your preferred style, you can be sure there are many options to choose from. Don’t be afraid to head to your nearest Home Improvement store to explore a little. Things like this take time. You can go with stained wood, rustic alder, maple and even oak. You can also choose the texture and even grain patterns. It all boils down to type, color and grain.

Handles or no Handles

Each household likes different things. Some homes have cabinets with handles and some don’t. it is good to have handles on the cabinets in your home if you have little one’s running around. This way you only really have to focus on wiping down the handles when cleaning instead of the whole cabinet. Greasy or food filled hands can eventually take a toll on your finish. To keep them looking new I recommend handles.

Working with a budget

Give yourself a budget with plenty of room for adjustments. Take into consideration all of your options and plan accordingly. Most companies require 4 to 6 weeks in advance for orders. It generally takes that long for the product to be shipped out. Sometimes ordering your cabinets online may come with a discounted rate.

The finished product

After all the hard work and effort you can finally enjoy the finished product. You might feel like you have a whole different home. Adjusting one area might give you a whole new outlook. Show it off to friends and family. Be proud and enjoy your new kitchen.


Backsplash says a lot

Backsplash for looks

When you go into someone’s kitchen their Backsplash is easily noticed. A Backsplash can say a lot about the kitchen itself. Some have it for looks. Some add a little piece of themselves into it. They can be used to show someone’s personality or the style of decor they enjoy. Others may just take the simple look.

Brighten up the Kitchen

The beautiful green color in this kitchen really makes this area stand out. It brightens up the room and gives it a nice touch. Using bright colors can make a room look bigger in almost all circumstances. That’s why most people say not to paint your walls with dark colors if you want a more spacious look.

Getting Crafty

Some Backsplashes are full of family memories and they turn out beautiful. You can take some old coffee cups, bowls from your grandmother’s cabinet or even use plates you have no use for. Break the dishes into a lot of creative little pieces and use them to decorate. Paste them on the walls for a more creative and different outlook. You will have made some space in your cabinets, but you will still have the memories to enjoy for years to come.

Which style fits you?

There are many types of Backsplashes you can choose from. Ceramic is one of the more popular styles. Stone gives a beautiful look as well. You will want to have a backsplash that will match well with your counter tops and cabinets. Also plan to use something that cleans easily or doesn’t hoard grease.

Modern Kitchen

The modern style has a very elegant look to it. It’s not often you see a kitchen done in a modern style and not like what you see. Most modern kitchens are seen with two walls covered in cabinets rather than shelves. The glass and marble look is a great idea and it fits perfectly with most cabinets. There is more room for your dishes and spices. Use a Backsplash that best represents you or your family; and your styles as a whole.

Remodeling Your Home

Remodeling Your Home

Remodeling Pro’s and Con’s

When remodeling your home there are always a million questions going through your mind. How much can I afford? Do I want to spend that much? The cons to remodeling can be overwhelming and cause you to over think. But the pros are very rewarding. There are ways to renovate your home and do it without breaking the bank. Make sure to consider all your options.

Giving Yourself a Budget

Make sure to look at your finances closely to come up with a budget. Having a budget can be very helpful for most. This way you make sure to plan within your financial bracket. Do some bargain shopping online or at home improvement stores locally. Sometimes you can find better deals online instead of actually in the store itself. Don’t be afraid to take your time while planning.

Reorganizing can help

It’s okay to think about remodeling, that’s normal. Try reorganizing things first before you make the jump to remodel. It could help you make up your mind. Before you start buying new things, rearrange and switch things up a bit. Changing things around can make things look different and seem different. The same thing can go for any other room in your home.

Stay on top of Things

If you’re looking to remodel quickly, you have to be good at time managing. Staying on top of the project is a must. If you lose focus you lose track of time. If this happens a project that is supposed to take 2 months can turn into 6 months easily. Also remember to plan for problems. Like any project issues can arise, just be prepared in case.

Enjoying Your Renovations

Once you are finished with all the hard work, be sure to take the time to enjoy what you have. Invite friends and family over for a dinner party or a gathering of some sort. Show off your hard work and enjoy it with them. Who knows maybe after they see what you have done to your home, they will consider doing theirs. You could have started a new trend!