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In Reno TX we offer commercial & residential cleaning service including make ready, rental property, real estate, move in, move out, maid service, janitorial & more.

Great News! Pit to Palace Cleaning is expanding. We are opening a new location in Reno TX near Paris in June 2017.

Paris TX is located in Reno TX just below the Red River & Oklahoma Border. The City of Paris is a tourist area with many things to see. The most famous landmark is the Eiffel Tower. It stands 65 feet tall and has a red cowboy hat that hangs off the top. The hat itself is almost 4 feet tall. If you haven’t seen this amazing Eiffel tower in person, you should make a visit. City Population is over 25,000.

About the Reno TX Operator:

Stephanie Musick is a dedicated wife & mother. Her husband Jerry is a hard working fellow for the City of Paris. Their children attend North Lamar ISD. In their free time, Stephanie and her family enjoy cooking out BBQ and visiting Pat Mayse Lake.

Customer Service Department

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Making the Most Out of After Christmas Shopping

Making the Most out of After Christmas Shopping

Whether you didn’t get everything on your Christmas list, or you’re looking to score some great deals, after Christmas shopping is the way to go. Not only can you get great deals on some big ticket items, you can also prepare for next year’s holidays. (Of course, we recommend you have the space and an organizational system in place before you start buying a surplus of wrapping paper. If you’re not organized, you risk losing your items or forgetting what you’ve purchased before the next season.)

However, if you’re organized, and have a few items left on your wish list, there are a few great things to buy this time of the year. Stores are clearing out their inventory to make room for spring, and things need to go. Fast. Some of these items include…


The tip: Wait until January. Deeper discounts occur in January, when many stores have their “White Sales”. Sheets, comforters, pillow cases, and other bedding items will be much more affordable this time of the year, as retailers look to clear out last year’s designs and make room for the new designs.


We all think of Black Friday when we think of electronics. However, if you can wait until after Christmas, you may find your latest gadget at even lower prices. New technology is often released after the Consumer Electronics Show, which occurs in January. Soon, it’s in with the new, and out with the old. This year’s models will need to be cleared out to make way for the newest gadget. So, watch the sales and snag that new device you’ve been looking at.

Exercise Equipment

This is pretty self-explanatory. New Year. New resolutions. Lots of exercise equipment. So, if you’ve been looking for a treadmill, free weights, or a new pair of running shoes, NOW is definitely the time to hit the sales.

Christmas Accessories

Wrapping paper, boxes, bows, lights, and ornaments… what’s left will start hitting major price reductions. By next week, leftover stock can be found for up to 90% off. There may not be a lot of inventory left, but if you have a few extra dollars and a safe place to keep items for a year, this is the best time to stock up on some of those Christmas essentials for next year.

Window Treatment Options for Every Room

When choosing the right window treatment for each room in your house, you’ll need to consider the purpose of your rooms, the directions the windows face, and your personal style in decoration. Windows can add that special touch to a room, to make it feel complete. We looked at types of window treatments in our previous post, so today we’re looking at what to do with them.

Window Treatment Options by Room


What you’re generally looking for in the bathroom, of course, is privacy. Blinds or shades are a good suggestion, as they are the most private option. Adding curtains or other fabrics is a great idea, however bathrooms tend to be humid, so having fabric that is easily washable is a plus.


It’s all about coordinating in the bedroom. The window treatment should look good with your bed spread and color scheme of the room. You can choose from a variety of fabrics, based on personal preference. If you work odd hours, or you have a window facing east, drapes or blackout curtains may be helpful if you don’t want the sun waking you up in the mornings.

Dining Area

Again, it’s about coordinating with the decor in the room, so the big open areas like dining and living rooms are great for letting creativity abound. Keep in mind again, large windows will be more sensitive to heat and cold, so energy efficient curtains may be beneficial during the hottest and coldest times of the year.

Family Room

Pick a style that matches your family’s personality. If you actually use the family room a lot, choose cozy inviting styles and colors for your window treatment. If you’re modern, you can choose more modern blinds to reflect your style.


The kitchen may be the most iconic place in the house for valances and tiers. There are so many patterns for kitchen windows. The suggestion here: Let the cook decide how to decorate the kitchen! Whoever spends the most time in the kitchen should enjoy it and have the colors and patterns they like when it comes to windows, towels, and cookware. If your kitchen window faces west, however, it is a good idea to have blinds on the window, so that evening sun isn’t blinding the chef as they cook dinner.

Tricks and Tips for Windows

You can’t change the windows, but you CAN change the window treatments. 

  • If the window is too small, hang the curtain rods to extend further out, and use big panels to make the window feel wider.
  • If the window is too low, place the curtain rod close to the ceiling and use a big valance in addition to your long curtains. You can give the impression of larger windows.
  • If the room itself seems short, use vertical blinds to make it seem taller.

Style Tips and Tricks

You don’t have to go overboard with window treatments in order to make a statement. If you change some of your decor frequently, you can make simple adjustments to the curtains to match the decor without spending a ton on completely new pieces every season.

  • It’s okay to mix contemporary and traditional styles! The rules are “There are fewer rules than you think there are.” If you like a combination, go for it!
  • Spice it up! Floral prints can seem overwhelming to some people, but they can also be really romantic. Tie your floral drapes with a tassel and use sheers to cover the windows. Dramatic and romantic!
  • Keep it Simple. If you’d rather not change the fabric often, you can add some flair with decorative hardware. Keep the fabric neutral, but still make a bold impact.

Curtains: A Necessary Accessory

When choosing window treatments, it seems like there are an unlimited number of options for every window. Curtains, blinds, drapery: each treatment serves an important function for the various rooms in your home. So, in addition to knowing the types of window treatments available, you’ll want to know how to choose curtains for each room … Read more


Yes! We have professionals that specialize in organization.

“The average amount of time that the average American spends looking for misplaced things over the course of a lifetime is one year.” ~Harper’s Index~

Organization Service

In today’s society, we are so busy all the time. We have so many things to do and so little time to do it. Entirely too much time is spent looking for things that we lost. Think about how many times a day that you can’t find your keys or your favorite earrings. This sounds silly, but it is more serious than you think. We live in a world where time is precious. Why spend time searching for things? Our professionals know how to put things into order and arrange your belongings so that you have more time for the important things in life. Read more below about the types of organization service that we offer.

Bedroom Organization

When having company over, sometimes we tend to clean the front of the house and neglect our own personal space. We just throw everything else in the bedroom and shut the door so that nobody can see it. We think to ourselves “I will put it all away when everyone leaves”. However that doesn’t always happen. We end up exhausted from playing host and head straight for the bed. The piles of stuff may stay there for a week or even a month. For some that are so busy, this is just normal. If you are someone who sleeps next to a pile of clothes or someone who has shopping bags covering half of your bedroom, let our organization service help you gain some peace again.

Closet Organization

Between work and play, our closets can become a disaster. Especially as women, we have so many shoes and a different necklace for every outfit. We can rearrange your closet to put things back in order where they belong. We can also do a total make over on your closet including closet inserts, space savers and shoe racks. Our professionals have experience in our organization service and would be happy to assist you in making your closet easier to access.

Pantry Organization

Have you ever thought about organizing your pantry? We can sometimes find it difficult to work, cook, dinner, clean, and spend time with the family. Sooner or later we begin to slack in an area and the last thing that we want is for that area to be your family. Having your pantry professionally organized can be a major time saver for you. When everything has a place and its clearly labeled, you can find dinner at a glance. No more digging. You will always be able to see what you have and what you need to buy with little effort.  Our organization service is the best in town!

Kitchen Cabinet Organization

Wouldn’t it be amazing if we could wiggle our nose and the perfect bowl with a lid just appears in our hand? That never seems to be reality though. In all honestly, we are usually bent over digging through some cabinet that we designated for plastics of all sorts. Eventually we will find a bowl that works, but we waste a lot of time and effort searching. This can make us frustrated. Organizing our kitchen cabinets can make a big difference in the attitude that we have about cooking or cleaning.

No matter what your organizational needs are, we can help you. Our professionals provide excellent quality organization service. Simply call our customer service team 817-395-2136 or fill out the comment box below and we will get back to you.

Summer Clutter Help

Summer Clutter Help is here!

School is Out: It’s a Free For All!

The kids are out of school, but you still have to go to work. That means 2-3 times the dishes and 2-3 times the laundry. Socks on the lampshade and junk food everywhere. The kitchen is a wreck with dishes that fill both sinks every day. The bathrooms have an entirely new odor and nobody can find what they are looking for. If you add the kid’s friends, the neighbor’s kids and vacations to that, you have a tornado. Don’t have an anxiety attack, just get some clutter help.

Clutter Help: Tips & Tricks

Below is a list of tips & tricks that will help eliminate some of the stress during summer and keep you from having to hire clutter help.

  1. Before you leave for work, throw a load of laundry in the washer so that it will be done when you get home. After work just toss the load in the dryer while you eat dinner. This can help keep dirty laundry from piling up.
  2. Before you start cooking dinner, unload the dishwasher so that you can rinse and load the dishes you use while cooking. Make sure that everyone rinses their own plate and places it in the dishwasher after dinner. That will make doing the dishes as easy as pushing a button.
  3. Put a small trash can in every room so that everyone will be more likely to throw away any trash instead of leaving it on the nightstand or the floor.
  4. Make the kids a chore list of things that you want to see get done daily. Some examples would be: pick up bedroom or take out trash. Assign them to the chores before they can leave with friends or go to the swimming pool.

If you need additional clutter help or just have a busy summer schedule, we are always willing to help.

Crazy Smells

It is never a good feeling to walk into a room and start seeking out whatever is making that horrid odor. You can spray air freshener, turn on a Scentsy, or put fresh flowers in a vase. None of these actually rid of the smell. They only mask it. It is so hard to find out what is making that horrible smell when the house is a disaster. You have to pick things up and get each room organized in order to find whatever is causing the odor. Once you have gotten some clutter help, you can actually find the things that cause the odor and eliminate them.

 Summer Clutter Help

Sometimes you just need an extra hand or two during the summer. At Pit to Palace Cleaning, we understand the craziness of summertime. We can help you stay stress free and clean. Our professionals are experienced with picking up and organizing. We have plenty of room in our schedule. Just call 817-395-2136 or email us for an estimate on clutter help.