Construction Cleaning

Yes! We have professionals that understand construction cleaning.

Construction Cleaning

Construction cleaning is important to remodeling companies. Leaving a big mess can make customers unhappy even if the remodeling work looks amazing. Construction workers often leave a lot of dust behind everywhere. This dust can make it hard to breathe and it can be frustrating to the home owner. Hiring professionals from a company that specializes in construction cleaning will leave your customers feeling impressed. We want to help you showcase your property and give the impression that you really care about your customer as well as the finished product.

Remodeling can be exciting until the work is done and everything is a mess. Construction crews often unknowingly leave behind nails, screws, and dust. Pit to Palace Cleaning has much experience picking up after construction crews. We clean behind construction crews in newly built homes and remodeling projects.

Pit to Palace Cleaning offers cleaning for all types of construction as well as cleaning for each stage of construction. The 1st stage includes a rough clean after the framing, electrical, plumbing and drywall are complete. This stage includes: removing all trash or other debris inside the building to the dumpster or to the designated area, remove paint residue on the windows, stickers removed from windows, clean all door frames/door knobs/light switches/window sills, vacuum tracks to windows and sliding glass doors when required, all tubs/showers/marble tops/countertops/vinyl should have protective coverings but in the event that they do not, these surfaces will be wiped clean. All the framework/molding/baseboards inside the building should be cleaned.  Cabinets, vanities, drawers shall be wiped clean on the inside and outside with no residue of sawdust, dirt, etc. Clean all utility closets, furnace closets, storage areas, garages, etc.  Water heaters and water valve boxes (washing machine/dryer area) will also be wiped down.

The 2nd stage of detailed construction cleaning occurs before the building owner/contractor does a final inspection. This clean includes: Cardboard, plastic, trash, etc., should be removed to the dumpster or to the designated area. Dust all walls, framework, baseboards, etc., to remove all remaining dust. All tracks of horizontal sliding glass doors and windows will be cleaned.  Windows and sliding glass doors will be cleaned inside and outside with a glass cleaner. Bathtubs, showers, sinks, and countertops,  all plumbing fixtures and related trim to a sanitary condition. Wipe down any medicine cabinets, mirrors and bath accessories. Vacuum, and polish the exterior of all cabinets, drawers, other stained woodwork and vanity tops to remove any streaks, construction dirt, fingerprints, etc. Any chips or damage to tubs, toilets, sinks, counters, drawers, etc. should be reported to the supervising contractor. Carpets shall be thoroughly vacuumed and small spots will be cleaned. Any larger areas of dirty carpet or large stains must be reported to the supervising contractor. All doors, doorframes, and window sills wiped. Appliances shall be clean and polished on the inside and out. Garage, storage area, stoops, patios, and walkways should be broom swept.  Ceiling fans and AC vents will be wiped free of dirt, dust, etc. The cleaning crew will notify the supervising contractor of any damage they find to the property. The 3rd stage of construction cleaning is the touch-up cleaning right before the tenants or residents move in.

No matter what stage of construction or remodeling you are in, we can help. If you have any questions, feel free to call our customer service team at 817-395-2136.

Commercial Cleaning Contractors

Pit to Palace Cleaning offers customized commercial cleaning contractors for businesses and offices. We proudly clean for businesses including offices, shops, restaurants, medical facilities, shopping centers, church buildings and more all over southern Tarrant and Johnson counties.

Commercial Cleaning Contractors 

Your business or office is important to us. We want to know about you and your company’s needs. Keeping a clean office not only makes your customers happier, it also keeps your employees happier. Nobody likes to work in a dirty environment. We know how to make an impression. That is why you can trust us with your commercial cleaning contractors needs. Your business or office should be presentable at all times, even during tax season.  We have professionals that can make that happen. When asking for an estimate, make sure that you specify any cleaning preferences and preference in scheduling.

At Pit to Palace Cleaning, you will always have access to a customer service team. Our office hours are between 8am-5pm Monday – Friday. We are also available Saturdays and after hours by appointment. If you call outside of business hours and leave a message, we will give you a call back.

Free Estimate

Finding a good commercial cleaning service can be exhausting. Let us do the leg work for you. We enjoy customizing a clean just for you and your employees. When visiting your office for a free estimate, your cleaning representative will ask questions about your cleaning preferences, chemical preferences, habits, and other cleaning related questions. We know how busy you can be, let us come to you. If you would like a free estimate on-site, just call our office or fill out the comment box below and we will get back to you shortly.

If you are interested in our commercial cleaning contractors services, please call our office or fill out the comment box below.

Cleaning Tips

Cleaning can be enough work without having to sort through several cleaning methods to find the cleaning tips that work. After years of experience in the cleaning industry, we have gained the wisdom and knowledge that is necessary to clean efficiently and effectively. In this blog, you will learn some of the answers to the most common misconceptions and questions about cleaning.

Cleaning Tips #1: Clorox or Lysol

You can ask hundreds of people and get a different answer each time about exactly which type of cleaning spray works the best. Whether you use Pine-sol or Bleach doesn’t really matter as much as mixing chemicals does. Did you know that you should not mix bleach products with ammonia products? It’s true, you may be tempted to just add a little Lysol to the bleach water to make the house smell wonderful. Cleaning tips #1: don’t do it! When bleach and ammonia are mixed together, the combination of liquids causes a lethal fume that could be dangerous for you and your family.

 Cleaning Tips #2: Streaky Glass

You may remember the all famous Windex commercial with the birds that play a prank on the home owner by ringing the door bell and shutting the glass door. If you have never seen it, please click the link above and watch, its hilarious!

Some people prefer to use paper towels while others prefer microfiber or newspaper. While all of these tricks can help, it is really the method than the supplies. Whatever glass cleaner or supplies that you choose to use, it seems so difficult to get the mirrors and doors streak free. Cleaning tips #2: wipe in circles and follow with a dry rag in circles.

 Cleaning Tips #3: Stinky Disposal

At some point, almost everyone has run into a stinky garbage disposal. This can be awful considering that it is located in the room that you cook and eat. No need to be offended when people think that your dinner stinks. Cleaning tips #3: slice up 1/2 to a whole lemon and put in disposal in small portions at a time. With running hot water turn on disposal and let lemons do the work. Caution: do not put a whole lemon in disposal without cutting it up first. This can burn up the motor.

Cleaning Tips #4: Smelly Dishwasher

We live in an age that dishwashers are common. We even have commercials advertising scrub free washing. As an average household, we probably run our dishwasher once a day with dirty dishes. After a while, the inside of the dishwasher can get a build up of food particles and begin to smell. Cleaning tips #4: run a 1/4 cup of bleach through the dishwasher to clean and freshen.


Check back with us for more cleaning tips. If you are in need of help cleaning, please call 817-395-2136817-395-2136 to schedule an appointment. We do clutter control emergencies and after party disasters.

House Cleaning | Children and Teenagers

Before we start a family our houses are so neat and organized. We hardly have to spend any time to keep it that way. House cleaning is not as difficult of a task with only one or two people in the house. When we first have children, they are so cute and everyone stands around the crib saying “aaww” and “he is so cute”. Babies are so adorable and for a short time we forget how messy raising children can be. It seems that God designed us this way so that we would totally forget how much work it can be. I thank God every day that he made me forget so that I could have the most amazing children even though I need my own housekeeper.

House Cleaning: Toddlers

Having babies is such an amazing experience. They are just so tiny, but babies spit up and sooner or later all your clothes are accessorized with spit up or baby food. I never understood how I could find clumps of baby food in my hair. Then babies grow to be toddlers and begin crawling or walking. Toddlers get into everything and house cleaning becomes a daily struggle.

When my children were toddlers, house cleaning was such a huge task to keep up with. You see, I had 4 toddlers at the same time. While I was preparing a bottle for one of them, another would be pulling all my clean laundry out of the basket and dragging it across the house. The other 2 would be playing in the toilet or eating dog food. By nap time, I was so exhausted that I would sleep too. I hardly had enough time to clean up the messes that my toddlers made on a daily basis, not to mention the deeper house cleaning tasks like dusting or cleaning out the fridge.

House Cleaning: The Eager to Please Age

As children grow out of the toddler stage, they become so eager to please. This is my favorite stage. “Mommy can I help?” becomes a commonly heard phrase. Suddenly things aren’t so bad. The children learn to pick up toys and want to help wash dishes. It couldn’t get better, house cleaning is easy! This stage doesn’t last long though. Soon enough, they grow again.

House Cleaning: Pre-teens & Teenagers

Eventually the strangest things start to happen. The girls become inspired by art and everything becomes a masterpiece! Now every color glitter, paint, bracelets, beads, and paper fill their rooms. There is nothing like going to work with glitter on your business suit and I speak from experience. Not to mention that girls change clothes 2-3 times a day. Laundry becomes an all day Saturday chore.

Boys begin to eat everything in sight leaving crumbs all over the house and dishes in places you would never think of. Of course teenage boys have a much different idea of clean than mothers, so they don’t even think it’s dirty. They will wear the same pair of jeans all week if you let them. This is the stage of all the stinky smells, when puberty hits. All of a sudden, your beautiful baby boy turns into a stinky man – also speaking from experience.

House Cleaning: Schedule an Appointment

Sometimes, no matter how old our children are, we just need a little help. Pit to Palace Cleaning understands these life happenings and would love to help you. Call us today 817-395-2136 or fill out the form below to get an estimate.


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Spring Cleaning

Everybody needs a good spring cleaning, even if you are a clean freak. It really helps to get fresh eyes from professional cleaning staff who know what to look for. During a spring cleaning, our cleaning staff seeks out dirt that is far beyond the surface.

Clutter and Closet Organization

Clutter and piles of stuff that we may not even need, builds up in our homes. This is often the stuff that we throw in our bedroom and shut the door or stuff in the closets when guests come over. Everybody needs a spring cleaning once or twice a year to help keep clutter under control and manageable. Our children can sometimes be the worst about storing clutter under the bed, behind the dresser, and in the closet.

Residue and Build Up

Over time, even in new homes dirt, residue, and build up happens in places homeowners aren’t even aware of. It can be so embarrassing when you have guests over and something gets moved that you haven’t moved in a year or longer.

For example: Let’s say you have planned the perfect Mother’s Day dinner and the entire family has come over. You really meant to get the house cleaned up but just ran out of time between planning, shopping and cooking. Just as dinner is near finished, you drop the serving spoon behind the stove. As a perfect gentleman, you new father-in-law offers to pull the stove out for you. With the entire family standing around your kitchen watching, your unknowing father-in-law reveals your darkest dirt. You may not even suspected it but it is always a shocker to find food, trash, and sticky dust. This is a good example of a time that spring cleaning would be a good idea.

Spring Cleaning

There is a greater importance of getting a spring cleaning on your house than just avoiding embarrassing moments with your new in-laws. Cleaning your home in this type of detail is part of the regular maintenance of a home. It is important to take care of your home. If residue is left too long, it could turn to mold. It is very important to keep your home clean to avoid any damage to your home. If you have never had a spring clean or it has just been a long time, please call us to help you get your house in order.

Contact Us

You reach our office by phone 817-395-2136 Monday – Saturday (8am-8pm) During peak hours we may not answer the phone but please leave a message and we will return your call.

Our professional cleaning staff cleans Monday – Saturday (7am-11pm) serves south Fort Worth, Crowley, Burleson, Joshua, Godley, Cleburne, Grandview, Keene, Alvarado, Venus, Lillian, Rendon and more! Just ask if we serve your area. We hope to hear from you soon.

Make Ready Cleaning

Yes! Our professionals do make ready work.

Make Ready Cleaning

If you are new to the Burleson-Cleburne area, we would like to personally welcome you to the community! We know that moving can be stressful. There is so much to do! Sometimes when you buy a new home or office space, it may not be as clean as you would like it to be. Don’t worry a bit, we can help you get your home or office clean and beautiful before you move in.

New Home Make Ready

Buying a new home is supposed to be exciting, but it can also be overwhelming. We can make it a little easier on you. We can clean your home before you even move in. You can be assured that everything has already been sanitized before you move into your new home.

Real Estate Make Ready

We work for real estate agents also. Sometimes when a family moves out of a house, just simply being dirty can hurt its ability to re-sell. We would like to help you make your houses presentable. Offering to have a house professionally cleaned before your customer moves in can go a long way.

Rental Property Make Ready

If you are someone who owns rental property this may be music to your ears! We can help you with make ready cleaning after a tenant moves out. We detail clean the property and make it ready for show or the new tenant. It is usually easier to rent to a new tenant if the property is clean when you show it.

Occasionally, tenants leave behind furniture and trash. We can help you remove these things from the house to the curb or dumpster. This is referred to as a Trash-Out. If you are unsure about something just ask.

Apartment Complexes

Pit to Palace Cleaning also does make ready cleaning for apartments complexes. Often complexes use someone in-house, but the reality is that most are not professionals. They may do an okay job, but our staff is highly trained to see the finest details for your residents. We know that the turn over rate can be high sometimes especially in the summer and we can help you when you are swamped. We understand that most complexes have a set rate for cleaning already in their budget. We may be able to work with that budget, just call 817-395-2136 for more information.