Guide to Holiday Organization

Your one stop guide to holiday organization. The holiday season is in full swing. Thanksgiving is over, and the Christmas and Holiday parties have begun. You many be looking at office parties, family parties, and friends events in the next few weeks. The time between Thanksgiving and New Year’s definitely can feel like a whole season instead of just three or four holidays. If you haven’t taken some time to get organized, do it now! A few hours of planning and holiday organization will actually save you so much time and energy this month.

Our Tips for Holiday Organization

Start with a To-Do List

Obviously, a list is the first thing you need. Whether you use an app, a notebook, or a white board, get the big things on the list and on the calendar. Write down the major parties, gatherings, and other important tasks and dates so you can begin scheduling around those.

Set Deadlines

Once you have the major things on the calendar, it’s easier to backwards engineer your schedule. Pick a day to mail holiday cards, and from there, you’ll know when you need to have family portraits made and when to place the printing order.

Don’t Start Big Projects

Unless you have a lot of down time because of vacation hours, this is not the time to start any major projects. Any home renovations or extra work projects should be postponed if not necessary. Unless you are extremely scheduled, adding to the routine will only make things unnecessarily stressful.

Take Stock Before You Shop

Remember the 7 rolls of wrapping paper you bought on clearance last year after Christmas? Before you go shopping, take stock of what you have and what you need. Check the lights and the decor to see if everything works. If you’ve been buying presents throughout the year, take inventory before you shop for more.

Purge the Kids’ Rooms

If you have children, this is a MUST before you go anywhere where they’ll get more gifts. Go through toys and clothes. If they’ve outgrown it, never play with/ wear it, or don’t want it any more, then donate the usable stuff and trash the rest. Make room now, or the new gifts will get lost in the mess.

This Goes for You Too

After you purge the kids’ rooms, do some general de-cluttering yourself. If you’re buying replacement decor, planning on getting new clothes, or getting new kitchen gadgets, don’t leave the old stuff in a box collecting dust. Donate the things you don’t need and trash the stuff that’s broken.

Hire a Housekeeper

 We’re still booking! But, seriously, with all the running around, sometimes the basics get overlooked. Have someone come in to do a basic clean so you can run your errands. Or do a one time deep clean, and make sure those baseboards are dust free!

Schedule an “Un-decorating” Day

There are two types of people: the “get it all put away as soon as Christmas is over” people, and then “I’ll do it tomorrow and suddenly it’s February and my tree is still up” kind of people. If you’re in the second group, we won’t tell. But, it is a good idea to set aside a day, put it on the calendar, and have the whole family pitch in to get things put away neatly so you’re prepared for next year.


Looking for a Career?

If you are interested in a career that makes a difference. Please fill out the electronic application at the bottom of this page for consideration. We will call you to set up an interview. We hope to hear from you soon!

A Career That Make a Difference!

Pit to Palace Cleaning is a professional cleaning company serving both residential and commercial clients.

Currently seeking professionals for commercial & residential cleaning. Please fill out job application below for consideration.

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Evaluate cleaning needs in customer’s homes or businesses, make cleaning decisions without direct assistance, customer satisfaction, completing cleaning checklist, picking up clutter, sanitizing surfaces, dusting, reaching, polishing, sweeping, mopping, vacuuming, folding laundry, washing dishes, occasional moving furniture, vigorous scrubbing, wiping, and standing on a step stool.

This is a labor job that requires driving, standing for long periods of time, walking, squatting, bending, reaching, and carrying equipment or supplies, lifting 5-10lbs, occasional lifting 20-40lbs.

Preferred Job Skills:

  • Positive attitude
  • Cheerful / Optimistic
  • Effective time management
  • Initiative / responsibility
  • Good communication
  • Knowledge & use of email
  • Knowledge & use of technology such as a smart phone

Job Requirements:

  • Must be physically capable of completing job assignments.
  • Must be clean and professional in appearance.
  • Must have reliable transportation that can be used for work.
  • Must be able to speak, read and write in English.
  • Must have a working cell phone with data.
  • Must be able to map locations & travel using GPS.
  • Must be able to use company apps on smart phone

*Experience in the cleaning industry or customer service Not required.

If you are interested in becoming a part of our team, we would love to have you! Just fill out our online career application and we will contact you for an interview.

Closet Organization Ideas

Extra closet space always seems to be a struggle. Read our blog to learn some neat closet organization ideas that might make your life easier!

Closet Organization Ideas That Help With Shoes!

Often we just throw our shoes in our closet floor or at the end of the bed and keep it moving. This can get frustrating after a while when the shoes begin to take over the bedroom or you can no longer walk into your closet.

If you or your spouse love shoes, we may have a good solution for you. You can purchase “easy to install” shelving at Walmart or Home Depot. Most shelving systems or kits are reasonably simple with very few tools needed. You can find wood and wire closet organizers. If you are not savvy when it comes to putting things together, you can hire someone to help you.

You can also choose to hire a professional carpenter or general contractor to install sturdy wood shelving to get those shoes up off the floor. Having wood shelving is an excellent solution that keeps your shoes looking new.

closet organization ideas

Closet Organization Ideas That Help With Space!

We love to use under the bed plastic tubs with lids. They work for everything. In the nursery, you can use a tub that slides right under the crib to hold bedding and burp rags. In a toddlers room, you can use a tub that slides under the bed to store Lego’s, Barbie’s, Army men, race cars, Lincoln Logs, and more! In a teen’s bedroom, you can use a tub that slides under the bed for flip-flops, hair accessories, crafts, extra bedding, jackets, and more. For the master bedroom, you can store extra bedding, hats, shoes, holiday decor, seasonal clothing, etc. The options are endless.

Closet Organization Ideas For The Nursery!

Having a new baby can be overwhelming at times, especially after a baby shower. It’s so exciting until you get home and realize that you have nowhere to put everything the baby needs. A quick fix for the nursery is easy and affordable. Find a bookshelf you are no longer using or search for one at a garage sale. Arrange the shelves so that you can put in any color cloth drawers (about $10) and line up baby shoes. Also find short tension rods (about $5) to hang clothes. You can find colorful baskets for nose suckers, nail clippers, Tylenol, etc. at the Dollar Tree ($1 each).

closet organization ideas

Do you have more closet organization ideas? We would love to hear from you. Comment below and share with your friends for more ideas.

Construction Cleaning

Yes! We have professionals that understand construction cleaning.

Construction Cleaning

Construction cleaning is important to remodeling companies. Leaving a big mess can make customers unhappy even if the remodeling work looks amazing. Construction workers often leave a lot of dust behind everywhere. This dust can make it hard to breathe and it can be frustrating to the home owner. Hiring professionals from a company that specializes in construction cleaning will leave your customers feeling impressed. We want to help you showcase your property and give the impression that you really care about your customer as well as the finished product.

Remodeling can be exciting until the work is done and everything is a mess. Construction crews often unknowingly leave behind nails, screws, and dust. Pit to Palace Cleaning has much experience picking up after construction crews. We clean behind construction crews in newly built homes and remodeling projects.

Pit to Palace Cleaning offers cleaning for all types of construction as well as cleaning for each stage of construction. The 1st stage includes a rough clean after the framing, electrical, plumbing and drywall are complete. This stage includes: removing all trash or other debris inside the building to the dumpster or to the designated area, remove paint residue on the windows, stickers removed from windows, clean all door frames/door knobs/light switches/window sills, vacuum tracks to windows and sliding glass doors when required, all tubs/showers/marble tops/countertops/vinyl should have protective coverings but in the event that they do not, these surfaces will be wiped clean. All the framework/molding/baseboards inside the building should be cleaned.  Cabinets, vanities, drawers shall be wiped clean on the inside and outside with no residue of sawdust, dirt, etc. Clean all utility closets, furnace closets, storage areas, garages, etc.  Water heaters and water valve boxes (washing machine/dryer area) will also be wiped down.

The 2nd stage of detailed construction cleaning occurs before the building owner/contractor does a final inspection. This clean includes: Cardboard, plastic, trash, etc., should be removed to the dumpster or to the designated area. Dust all walls, framework, baseboards, etc., to remove all remaining dust. All tracks of horizontal sliding glass doors and windows will be cleaned.  Windows and sliding glass doors will be cleaned inside and outside with a glass cleaner. Bathtubs, showers, sinks, and countertops,  all plumbing fixtures and related trim to a sanitary condition. Wipe down any medicine cabinets, mirrors and bath accessories. Vacuum, and polish the exterior of all cabinets, drawers, other stained woodwork and vanity tops to remove any streaks, construction dirt, fingerprints, etc. Any chips or damage to tubs, toilets, sinks, counters, drawers, etc. should be reported to the supervising contractor. Carpets shall be thoroughly vacuumed and small spots will be cleaned. Any larger areas of dirty carpet or large stains must be reported to the supervising contractor. All doors, doorframes, and window sills wiped. Appliances shall be clean and polished on the inside and out. Garage, storage area, stoops, patios, and walkways should be broom swept.  Ceiling fans and AC vents will be wiped free of dirt, dust, etc. The cleaning crew will notify the supervising contractor of any damage they find to the property. The 3rd stage of construction cleaning is the touch-up cleaning right before the tenants or residents move in.

No matter what stage of construction or remodeling you are in, we can help. If you have any questions, feel free to call our customer service team at 817-395-2136.

Commercial Cleaning Contractors

Pit to Palace Cleaning offers customized commercial cleaning contractors for businesses and offices. We proudly clean for businesses including offices, shops, restaurants, medical facilities, shopping centers, church buildings and more all over southern Tarrant and Johnson counties.

Commercial Cleaning Contractors 

Your business or office is important to us. We want to know about you and your company’s needs. Keeping a clean office not only makes your customers happier, it also keeps your employees happier. Nobody likes to work in a dirty environment. We know how to make an impression. That is why you can trust us with your commercial cleaning contractors needs. Your business or office should be presentable at all times, even during tax season.  We have professionals that can make that happen. When asking for an estimate, make sure that you specify any cleaning preferences and preference in scheduling.

At Pit to Palace Cleaning, you will always have access to a customer service team. Our office hours are between 8am-5pm Monday – Friday. We are also available Saturdays and after hours by appointment. If you call outside of business hours and leave a message, we will give you a call back.

Free Estimate

Finding a good commercial cleaning service can be exhausting. Let us do the leg work for you. We enjoy customizing a clean just for you and your employees. When visiting your office for a free estimate, your cleaning representative will ask questions about your cleaning preferences, chemical preferences, habits, and other cleaning related questions. We know how busy you can be, let us come to you. If you would like a free estimate on-site, just call our office or fill out the comment box below and we will get back to you shortly.

If you are interested in our commercial cleaning contractors services, please call our office or fill out the comment box below.

Cleaning Estimate

Finding a trustworthy cleaning company is not always easy. There are so many questions to ask and decisions to make. That is why we would love to come meet you and assess your cleaning needs in person. We find each and every one of our customers very important. Getting an estimate over the phone can be convenient, but it may not be the most practical for everyone. Having a cleaning professional take the time to see your exact needs and assess your individual situation is the best way to ensure your overall happiness.

Free Cleaning Estimate

Finding a good cleaning service can be exhausting. Let us do the leg work for you. We enjoy customizing a clean just for you. When visiting you for a free cleaning estimate, your cleaning representative will ask questions about your cleaning preferences, chemical preferences, habits, and other cleaning related questions.

We do free cleaning estimates on-site for businesses, offices, restaurants, homes and more. We know how busy you can be, let us come to you. If you would like a free cleaning estimate on-site, just call our office at 817-395-2136 or fill out the comment box below and we will get back to you within 24 hours.