Maid Jobs Near Me

Maid Jobs Near Me

Maid Jobs available in your area. Are you looking for a reputable cleaning service job? We can help with that, we have jobs near you.

Did you know that Pit to Palace Cleaning won the Burleson Chamber Rising Star Award in 2014? We sure did! We are so proud to serve our community and its residents. We hope that you can serve with us too!

Maid Jobs

Professionals that do maid service, house cleaning, office cleaning, janitorial, construction cleaning at all 3 stages, remodel cleaning, post-evict cleaning, real estate & property management cleaning.

We also do carpet cleaning, tile cleaning, air duct cleaning & more!

Satisfaction Guarantee

Our professionals are experienced and do the job right. You can count on us. If for any reason, you are not satisfied with your cleaning just contact us within 24 hours and we will re-clean the unsatisfactory areas at no extra cost. We want to do a good job but if re-cleaning is necessary it helps us see the areas that we can improve.

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Customers can get a FREE instant quote for maid service by clicking the clipboard below. With just a little bit of details about your home, we can give you a quote for your home in less than 5 minutes. You will get an immediate result & an emailed copy of your package options.

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Maid Jobs – Vendor Details

Looking for experienced vendors who clean on a professional level. Vendors may include sole proprietors, LLC’s and corporations. *Individuals who have never cleaned or are interested in beginning a career in the cleaning industry may still fill out the application & interview. We do offer industry tools and resources for individuals & experienced vendors. Vendors accept cleaning projects and jobs based on a flat rate per job with an average pay rate of $14-$20 an hour based on type of job, individual skills & experience. (Typically someone with 5+ years experience may work faster & more efficient than someone who is a beginner.)

*Free oil changes
*Competitive job rates 
*Avg $14 – $20 an hour
*Flexible schedule – you chose your availability
*Closed Sundays

Vendors must reflect professionalism, have a smart phone with data and dependable transportation for travel to & from job sites.

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Eliminate Sugar Ants in Your Home

Sugar ant infestations are a common problem in the Texan summers and not easily removed. Sugar ants are a simple pest, eating sweets and other food scraps left behind. The ant however, isn’t technically a “Sugar Ant”, as that is a specific species of ant common in Australia. They aren’t found here. The ant species we have is most likely Pavement and Pharaoh ants, but for this post and to use common terminology, we will refer to these ants as sugar ants.

Sugar Ants and Other Ants

The Pavement and Pharaoh ants we refer to as sugar ants are the most common and abundant ants found here in North America.

Sometimes, Little Black Ants are called by the same name, although they are completely different. The black ants will eat a variety of foods and really prefer dark spaces and rotting wood.

Whether you have sugar ants or Little Black Ants, getting rid of them can be accomplished by the same methods. Baits are going to be your friend, both indoor and out.

Best Ways to Control Ants

It really is a daily task to control ants during the peak season. The season runs March through September and ants are most likely to be found in your kitchen.

Kitchen Sink

Keeping your kitchen sink clean and dry is the most important preventative method. Washing dishes, cleaning the sink, and wiping down the counters are crucial. You want to make sure there is no residual food particles on the surfaces that may attract the ants.

To be extra cautious, you can add a little bleach water down the drain to get rid of any food smell.

Counter Tops

Be extra detailed by the coffee station. The few crumbs of sugar is all that’s needed to signal that food is available to ants. Once again, bleach water is a good option to get rid of any lingering smells.


Sweep and mop DAILY during the summer to take care of extra crumbs. Vacuum carpeted areas daily as well.


Use strong trash bags and make sure the trash is taken out regularly. Also, check the bottom inside of your trash can for any spills after removing the bag. Always, make sure everything is clean and dry.


Lastly, sweet baits can be put in your home as well for an extra elimination method. The ants eat the sweet bait that is poisoned with Borax and take some of the bait back to the colony. Using baits will help get to the bottom of the problem and wipe out the colony.

Wasps, Reduction and Removal

Although it’s not summer time, bees and wasps can still pose a problem in certain areas, especially if the temperatures are not too terribly cold. And, if you have untreated nests from the previous year, wasps may have moved into your walls, making removal even more difficult. There are a few things you will want to keep in mind, beginning now, to reduce the occurrence of wasps in the upcoming spring and summer months.

Wasps Nests

There seems to be no limit to the size or location of nests. Whether on the side of the house, up on the roof, or down in the ground, wasps can hide out pretty much anywhere.

If untreated, the big hanging nests can grow as big as a basketball. And depending on what you have buzzing inside, some species can be much more aggressive than others.

In addition, yellow jackets can nest in the ground, which unfortunately, are often only spotted after they’ve been disturbed. Ground nesting yellow jackets are a very common variety of wasps and are difficult to treat.

When You See a Nest

The first thing you need to do is locate the entry point of a nest, and try to stay away from that area. Drone wasps have one purpose, and that is to protect the colony at all costs.

The general advice of “if you don’t bother them, they won’t bother you” is a pretty good one to follow. Like other animals, if they don’t see you as a threat, they are less likely to go into defense mode.

To Treat or Not to Treat

Treatment depends on a few factors. Most importantly, are you allergic? If you have a bee allergy, it is definitely advisable to seek professional treatment for any size nest. It is just not worth a potential deadly reaction. Also, an exterminator can determine where other nests may be and can more thoroughly treat your residence.

For others, a can of wasp spray usually does the trick. Follow the instructions on the can, allow plenty of distance, and spray thoroughly. Make sure nothing of importance is below the nest, because it will be wet from falling spray and covered in dying wasps.


  • Remove fallen fruit from trees.
  • Treat exposed wood.
  • Clear out branches and other stacks of debris on your property.
  • Seal holes in concrete and in exterior walls.
  • Make sure the lids are on your garbage cans.
  • Lastly, inspect regularly and treat as needed to prevent infestations.

Bathroom Updates in a Weekend

Bathroom Updates in a Weekend

Sometimes you just need a refresher, but do not have the time or the money for a major overhaul. If you are looking to update your bathroom without a complete remodel, we have some great suggestions.

New Bathroom Paint

If your bathroom is already furnished the way you like it, a simple coat of paint may be all you need to add the magic touch. Make sure you’re happy with your cabinets, mirrors, vanity, and other pieces in your bathroom before deciding to repaint. You can sand old cabinets and apply new paint and you can paint the walls as well. Don’t forget to buy the paint specifically made for bathrooms, otherwise you risk peeling!

Add Shelves

You can add pull out shelving in your cabinets to help keep things organized and easy to find. Pull out shelves will make reaching the back of your deep cabinets much easier. This simple addition will make your cabinets feel brand new!

Accent Tiles

You can change the entire look of your bathroom by adding tile. Connect your shower and sink areas or add tiles above cabinets to give the room a completely new focus! The sky’s the limit with color and patterns, so get creative!

Go Retro

You can find old tables and unique vanities at flea markets and other crafting locations. If you moisture proof a wooden cabinet, you can fit it with a sink, and make a really neat rustic space.

Switch the Lights

Bathrooms seem to have the worst lighting! Go for an upgrade by either adding pretty light fixtures or changing up the type of lighting you have in the bathroom.

Change a Counter top

If the cabinet is in good condition, consider switching the counter top (especially in an older home). Choosing a fresh laminate or a remnant piece of granite will update your bathroom faster than you can say “Help me, HGTV!” Check out a Habitat for Humanity Restore for extra items for your upgrade.

Get a Handle on Things

Updating little accessories, like cabinet handles, makes a big difference in the overall look of the room. So, check out your toliet paper holder, your shower faucet handles, the toilet seat, and the cabinet handles for little things that can be changed for an entirely new look.

Ladybugs: Distinguishing Fact and Hype

In the past few weeks, a number of posts and online news outlets have reported the “dangers” of Asian Ladybugs, or lady beetles. A recently circulated picture shows a dog with a mouth-full of ladybugs with a warning that these beetles are different from other lady beetles and are more aggressive and dangerous. So, what’s the story behind this picture? And what do you need to know about clearing out a lady beetle infestation in your home?

Regarding the Picture

A quick internet search will show that the current image circulating of the dog with beetles stuck to the roof of its mouth, is actually a picture from fall 2015. According to the fact-checker site, Snopes, the image is real. But, the associated danger hype was over stated. In this case, as well as in similar cases, the dog most likely ate a mouthful of the beetles and a few got stuck. Eating a dozen or so beetles at once does cause an increase of mucous and can make your pet sick. However, the beetles aren’t actively looking for a home in your pet’s mouth. Neither the bug nor the dog want that scenario. In any case, if you see your pet behaving unusually or is exhibiting excessive drooling, do contact your veterinarian.

Regarding the Species

The recent news has focused on the multi-colored Asian lady beetle, distinguishable by the “M” shape on their heads. These are the ones that are labelled at prone to biting and being more of a pest than the common lady bug. According to Orkin, despite their unique appearance, the Asian lady beetle is the same species as the other lady beetles you see in your yard.

Ridding Your Home of Ladybugs

Although ladybugs are helpful in the summer, out in the garden, you don’t want them inside. Like any other buggy critter, a few are okay, but an infestation can be trouble. One female can lay 1000 eggs, and the buggies are moving in during the cold months. To prevent beetles, make sure your home is winter-proofed by checking the seals on doors and windows and checking the walls for cracks.

If they are already in, you can sweep or vacuum them up or place traps. If the infestation continues despite those measures, contact an exterminator for more information.

Odor Removal Tips

It’s getting cooler out, so right now, your windows may be open and you may be enjoying the fresh air. But, come next month, it will be time to close’em all up. That’s when you may start to notice any lingering odor in the house. You can only Febreze so much, so check out these tips to remove any lingering smells from your home.

Mildew Odor in Bathrooms

The humidity in the bathroom is a perfect breeding ground for mold and mildew, leaving things with a wet, stale, smelly oddor. In order to cut down on the humidity, make sure your exhaust fan is working properly and is running when you shower. If you do not have an exhaust fan, an oscillating fan can be used after your shower too, or you can open a window. Wash towels, rugs, and cloth shower curtains regularly and make sure they all dry thoroughly after use.

Pet Smells

We all love our pets, but they do smell. Toss your cushions and pillows out in the sun on a bright day to air out the odor. Also, keep air conditioner filters changed and vacuum and dust regularly. There are also specific products for pet odor you can use on your furnitiure.

Garbage Cans

Changing your trash bags regularly is the most important thing you can do to avoid smells. Also, making sure liquids don’t get spilled in the trash can. If the odor remains after taking out the trash, scrub the inside of your can with a vinegar OR bleach wash to help freshen it up and to kill bacteria.

Garbage Disposals

One sure fire way to ruin dinner is to have a stinky kitchen. Make sure you empty the sink and run the garbage disposal when you’re done each night so there isn’t anything left behind to get smelly. If you’ve missed something, running vinegar down the sink will help and you can even make vineger ice cubes to grind in the disposal. (Make sure not to put those in your drink though!!)

Refrigerator Smells

Scrub up any spills and put a box of baking soda in your fridge and in your freezer. You can even buy boxes designed for that purpose. The baking soda soaks up the humidity and also the smell.