Tile Flooring Selection Tips

Tile flooring can be a nice addition to your kitchen, bathrooms, and other rooms in your house. It looks elegant, and is often more durable than hardwood floors (especially in wet rooms like kitchen and bathrooms), and adds a polished look to your decor. The following tips will help you determine the types of tile you may want to consider in your home.

On Tile Durability


The tile industry has a rating system for ceramic tiles from Class 1 to Class 5 with 5 being the more durable and least resistant to scratching. Class 2 and above is usually acceptable for home use. Class 3 and above is for especially high traffic areas in the home and for commercial use.

Natural Stone

Because natural stone tile is, well, natural, it does not follow the same rating scale as man-made tiles. Stone can be and often is extremely strong and durable, and could last centuries. A professional tile consultant can help you determine the best natural stone for your needs if you choose a natural flooring option.

On Size

Tile comes in a wide variety of sizes from tiny mosiac pieces to giant slabs. The size you choose will depend on which  room in which you want it, and your personal style. Recent trends are toward larger tiles for flooring and for wall decor, but it’s entirely up to you!

On Color

  • Like size, color is a completely personal design choice. Important tips to remember regarding color:
  • Lighter colors make your space look bigger.
  • Darker colors hide dirt better.
  • Darker colors add warmth to the space.
  • Neutral colors are more versatile for your changing style and accessories.
  • Trendy colors allow you to show your personality.

On Texture

The important aspect of texture is that the more the texture, the less the slippage. So, in kitchens and bathrooms, a textured floor will be a safer option, unless you have plenty of rugs to compensate.

Concrete Flooring for a Beautiful Look

Concrete flooring has become increasingly popular in the last few years. Until you’ve seen great concrete floors, you probably have a mental image of an industrial warehouse or prison walls. Concrete floors are FAR from that image though, as the polished, elegant look will continue to wow your guests for years to come. Concrete floors … Read more

Pet Dander

Are you having trouble ridding your home of pet dander? Here are some helpful hints on how to get rid of pet dander in an inexpensive way. Pet dander can be a task all in itself and for some it can be very difficult but don’t feel defeated. Your furry friends don’t have to be your enemy.  To rid your home of pet dander, you may be able to do so in just a few steps.

Pet Dander on Ceilings, Walls and Baseboards

Your ceilings, walls, baseboards and even some other household surfaces can come clean easily. Simply find a dusting cloth, a microfiber type of fabric works best; and lightly dampen it with your favorite cleaning product. Water works just as well. Begin to wipe down the surfaces and the dander should cling easily to the fabric. If you choose to only use a dry cloth or a dusting tool, there is a chance you will be repeating yourself more often than you would like. The dry cloth or duster can just cause the dander to spread throughout the room. When this happens you will find yourself going over what you have already done.

Pet Dander in your Air Ducts

It can also travel through the air ducts and just filter itself right back through your home. This approach if done properly can be fairly cheap. There are also different hand-held products that can help you with your furniture. A lint brush or a roller with rubber or adhesive sheets on it seems to work effectively.

Don’t Forget to Use Your Washer

Also remember to never underestimate the power of your washing machine. You would be surprised what fits in one. Bathing your pet frequently can be a plus. Since that is the source of all the dander it only seems logical. A proper bath and brush out with a de-shedding tool before you begin cleaning will help a great deal. Repeating this as often as you feel necessary should do the trick.