Paris, TX Location

Paris TX location

Great News! Pit to Palace Cleaning is expanding. We are opening a new location in Paris TX in June 2017.


Paris TX is located in Lamar County just below the Red River & Oklahoma Border. The City of Paris is a tourist area with many things to see. The most famous landmark is the Eiffel Tower. It stands 65 feet tall and has a red cowboy hat that hangs off the top. The hat itself is almost 4 feet tall. If you haven’t seen this amazing Eiffel tower in person, you should make a visit. City Population is over 25,000.


About the Operator:

Stephanie Musick is a dedicated wife & mother. Her husband Jerry is a hard working fellow for the City of Paris. Their children attend North Lamar ISD. In their free time, Stephanie and her family enjoy cooking out BBQ and visiting Pat Mayse Lake.


Customer Service Department

Please email customer service for the quickest response time. (24/7 customer care)

Corporate Office location: Burleson, TX

Mailing Address: P.O. Box 694 Burleson, TX 76097

Common Lighting Mistakes

Lighting Mistakes and Tips

Get the right lighting, avoid common lighting mistakes, and have a more inviting home. We want our home to be inviting, comfortable, and a reflection of our personality. There is nothing that ruins that faster than bad lighting. If the room is blindingly bright, or way too dark, or accenting the wrong things, your house won’t have the feel you are hoping for.

Correct these common mistakes and be comfortably lit.

Too Many Recessed Down lights.

Recessed lights are great in some areas, but are often overused. Because they are very inexpensive for the builder, they can sometimes be seen laid out like a grid, covering a room. However, these recessed lights only get have the output because the light can’t escape in every direction . Up to half the light will be lost, and our walls will still be dark.

Not Installing Task Lights

You want to install specific lights for your kitchen counters, in order to focus on the tasks at hand. Lights can be installed under your upper cabinets, so that the counters are well lit. Or, they can be wall mounted. Make food prep easier and safer with proper kitchen lighting!

Everything that Happens in Every Bathroom Everywhere

What is the deal with bathrooms? Either they have bright lights or dim mood lights, and either way, they don’t seem to be practical for everyday activities, such as shaving or applying makeup. The problem is that most bathrooms have overhead lights (whether above the sink, and/or in the ceiling) and rarely do they have lights that highlight the face. Brighten the bathroom– add some sconces.

Not Having Dimmers

An easy way to adjust the lighting for individual needs is to simply install dimming lights. Not only are they adjustable for the mood or task at hand, but they are also more energy efficient. By turning down the light, you prolong the life of the bulb and decrease energy output.


These are but a few of the most common lighting problems and some quick tips. If you have a lighting solution you swear by, snap a picture, and join the conversation on Facebook or Twitter. We’d love to hear from you!


Remodeling Your Home

Remodeling Your Home

Remodeling Pro’s and Con’s

When remodeling your home there are always a million questions going through your mind. How much can I afford? Do I want to spend that much? The cons to remodeling can be overwhelming and cause you to over think. But the pros are very rewarding. There are ways to renovate your home and do it without breaking the bank. Make sure to consider all your options.

Giving Yourself a Budget

Make sure to look at your finances closely to come up with a budget. Having a budget can be very helpful for most. This way you make sure to plan within your financial bracket. Do some bargain shopping online or at home improvement stores locally. Sometimes you can find better deals online instead of actually in the store itself. Don’t be afraid to take your time while planning.

Reorganizing can help

It’s okay to think about remodeling, that’s normal. Try reorganizing things first before you make the jump to remodel. It could help you make up your mind. Before you start buying new things, rearrange and switch things up a bit. Changing things around can make things look different and seem different. The same thing can go for any other room in your home.

Stay on top of Things

If you’re looking to remodel quickly, you have to be good at time managing. Staying on top of the project is a must. If you lose focus you lose track of time. If this happens a project that is supposed to take 2 months can turn into 6 months easily. Also remember to plan for problems. Like any project issues can arise, just be prepared in case.

Enjoying Your Renovations

Once you are finished with all the hard work, be sure to take the time to enjoy what you have. Invite friends and family over for a dinner party or a gathering of some sort. Show off your hard work and enjoy it with them. Who knows maybe after they see what you have done to your home, they will consider doing theirs. You could have started a new trend!

Construction Cleaning

Yes! We have professionals that understand construction cleaning.

Construction Cleaning

Construction cleaning is important to remodeling companies. Leaving a big mess can make customers unhappy even if the remodeling work looks amazing. Construction workers often leave a lot of dust behind everywhere. This dust can make it hard to breathe and it can be frustrating to the home owner. Hiring professionals from a company that specializes in construction cleaning will leave your customers feeling impressed. We want to help you showcase your property and give the impression that you really care about your customer as well as the finished product.

Remodeling can be exciting until the work is done and everything is a mess. Construction crews often unknowingly leave behind nails, screws, and dust. Pit to Palace Cleaning has much experience picking up after construction crews. We clean behind construction crews in newly built homes and remodeling projects.

Pit to Palace Cleaning offers cleaning for all types of construction as well as cleaning for each stage of construction. The 1st stage includes a rough clean after the framing, electrical, plumbing and drywall are complete. This stage includes: removing all trash or other debris inside the building to the dumpster or to the designated area, remove paint residue on the windows, stickers removed from windows, clean all door frames/door knobs/light switches/window sills, vacuum tracks to windows and sliding glass doors when required, all tubs/showers/marble tops/countertops/vinyl should have protective coverings but in the event that they do not, these surfaces will be wiped clean. All the framework/molding/baseboards inside the building should be cleaned.  Cabinets, vanities, drawers shall be wiped clean on the inside and outside with no residue of sawdust, dirt, etc. Clean all utility closets, furnace closets, storage areas, garages, etc.  Water heaters and water valve boxes (washing machine/dryer area) will also be wiped down.

The 2nd stage of detailed construction cleaning occurs before the building owner/contractor does a final inspection. This clean includes: Cardboard, plastic, trash, etc., should be removed to the dumpster or to the designated area. Dust all walls, framework, baseboards, etc., to remove all remaining dust. All tracks of horizontal sliding glass doors and windows will be cleaned.  Windows and sliding glass doors will be cleaned inside and outside with a glass cleaner. Bathtubs, showers, sinks, and countertops,  all plumbing fixtures and related trim to a sanitary condition. Wipe down any medicine cabinets, mirrors and bath accessories. Vacuum, and polish the exterior of all cabinets, drawers, other stained woodwork and vanity tops to remove any streaks, construction dirt, fingerprints, etc. Any chips or damage to tubs, toilets, sinks, counters, drawers, etc. should be reported to the supervising contractor. Carpets shall be thoroughly vacuumed and small spots will be cleaned. Any larger areas of dirty carpet or large stains must be reported to the supervising contractor. All doors, doorframes, and window sills wiped. Appliances shall be clean and polished on the inside and out. Garage, storage area, stoops, patios, and walkways should be broom swept.  Ceiling fans and AC vents will be wiped free of dirt, dust, etc. The cleaning crew will notify the supervising contractor of any damage they find to the property. The 3rd stage of construction cleaning is the touch-up cleaning right before the tenants or residents move in.

No matter what stage of construction or remodeling you are in, we can help. If you have any questions, feel free to call our customer service team at 817-395-2136.