How to Choose a House Cleaning Service

Are you struggling with how to choose a house cleaning service? Well you can find your answers here. This article is very informative and can help you to make an educated decision.

Who Are You Really Hiring?

One of the most important aspects of hiring a house cleaner is to find out who they really are. Anybody can make a great sales pitch. Is the house cleaner willing to submit to an employment & background check? How will you know if their references are real customers or just friends and family giving a good recommendation? There are hundreds of people out there that say they have 15 years experience but is it really true?

Just about anybody can create a business page on Facebook. How do you know if its a legit company or someone “doing business as”? It is important to ask if they will be doing the cleaning themselves or if they have other staff. If they are not working alone, who will be working with them?

How to choose a house cleaning service: Don’t hesitate to ask for a criminal background check. You should never allow someone that you do not know into your home without a background check. If someone is unwilling to submit to a background check then there is probably something that they don’t want you to see. Always ask for previous employment history and if it is okay to contact them for a professional reference. Always check references. You should ask for at least 5 references when considering an individual. If you are considering a cleaning company, legitimate cleaning companies pre-screen their employees with background checks before they are hired. Still check out there reputation. Search reviews online outside of Facebook, consult Google. Ask around to people in your community. Contact the local Chamber of Commerce to find a good company.

Do They Guarantee Their Work?

How do you know if you will get what you are paying for? What if they make a great sales pitch but don’t really fulfill the promises they made? What happens when you realize that they didn’t wipe out the microwave or they didn’t really know that much about cleaning so you found a pile of dirt behind the toilet? Will they come back and fix the issue?

What is the big difference between an hourly rate vs flat rate? What if your house takes longer to clean than expected? Will there be surprise charges? What if you are unwilling to pay more, will they leave the job undone? These are all good questions to ask yourself when choosing a house cleaner. The answers that you receive will help you to know if the house cleaner is out to make quick money or if they are serious about their customer’s needs.

How to choose a house cleaning service: Always ask the house cleaner what happens if I am not satisfied? This will help weed out the house cleaners who are not willing to return to fix an issue. If they do have a policy about customer satisfaction get it in writing. Knowing in advance whether you are paying hourly or a flat rate is important. Most house cleaners estimate how many hours it will take to do the job, but that is only an estimate. Once in your home it may actually take a little longer than they expected. Occasionally, you may run into someone who is in no hurry. Ask house cleaners what happens in this situation. Also make sure that they are aware of your expectations upon hire. That will keep any confusion from happening later on. It is a good idea to write down your expectations so that there is less confusion.

How Much Knowledge Do They Have About the Industry?

This is a very good question to ask yourself. Do they even know what they are doing? How do you tell if they know anything about cleaning or if they are just out of work and trying to make quick money? Do they know what chemicals are safe to use on wood? What about marble? Do they know what chemicals are harsh on the lungs and what chemicals can damage your home? Have they researched the industry?

Becoming your own boss has become a common reason for people to choose to clean houses. While being your own boss seems desirable, most do not have any accountability. Sometimes individuals become bitter about a work situation and no longer want to answer to anyone. This is when they think “Oh I’ll clean houses!” This makes it hard on you to find a good housekeeper because if they do not want to answer to anyone, they won’t want to answer to you either.

How to choose a house cleaning service: Don’t be afraid to ask why an individual is cleaning, why they chose this field. Make sure that you find out if they really know how to clean. If an individual offers to do an in-home estimate, ask them to give you a quick 15 minute demo. Now, don’t try to get something for free here because even we won’t fall for that, but most knowledgeable individuals will have no problem giving you a short demo.

Are They Insured & Bonded?

Did you know that if someone slips or falls in your home or on your property, they can sue you? Yea, its not cool but it is true. Are you liable if they fall on a step ladder, slip on a mopped floor and hurt themselves? What if your house cleaner gets cut on a knife while unloading the dishwasher?

What if a house cleaner damages your marble counter-tops or hardwood dresser? Will the house cleaner replace it? Do they have an insurance policy? What if something comes up missing? We would love to think the best of people but it is important to protect yourself above all.

How to choose a house cleaning service: Always ask house cleaners if they carry liability insurance. Accidents & injuries can be costly so its important to find out upfront who is liable for that. Always make sure that a house cleaner has liability insurance that will cover accidents, injuries, damages, and stolen property.

Do They Make Themselves Accountable?

Accountability is very important in business. Can you find the house cleaner on social media sites? Review sites? Is there some type of online presence? Will they give you their business address or home address if they don’t have a business location? How will you contact them if there is a problem and you can’t reach them by phone? If something is broken or stolen when you get home from work, where can you find the person? What if they don’t answer the phone to you anymore. What if the phone number you have becomes disconnected?

Will they accept a check? If they only accept cash, its a tell tale sign that the person is trying to avoid reporting income and paying taxes. They may even be on government assistance. This is not something that you want to get caught up in. If a house cleaner will steal from government programs by not reporting all of their income, they will likely steal from you too.

How to choose a house cleaning service: Hiring a house cleaning can be difficult but make sure that they give you adequate information about how you can get a hold of them other than just a phone number. Beware of Scammers. Its unfortunate but it does happen. Ask what type of payments the house cleaner will accept. If they will not accept a check, ask why and evaluate their reaction.

What Does the IRS Have to Say About Who You Hire?

The Internal Revenue Services determines whether someone is a contract worker or an employee. There are several factors when considering if someone is a contract worker or an employee. First, does the house cleaner control how the work is done or do you? If you determine when, where & how the house cleaner performs their work, then they are likely an employee not a contract worker. Do you decide how much the house cleaner will get paid or do they set the prices themselves? Is it in your control whether or not the house cleaner subcontracts your home to someone else that you may or may not know? If so, then the house cleaner is likely an employee.

How does individual vs a company impact your taxes? Legitimate cleaning companies pay all state and federal taxes including payroll taxes on their employees. Did you know that if you pay an individual more than $1,900 a year or $158 a month, you are required by the IRS to pay employee taxes on them? That means that you are required to apply for an Employer Identification Number and have the individual fill out a W-4 form. This can become a hassle and you may need to hire a CPA. If hiring a company, ask if they will provide their Taxpayer Identification Number (TIN). This is not a social security number, it a number issued by the IRS for legitimate tax paying companies. This is the number that companies use to pay the IRS taxes on employees. If a company does not have this number, they are likely just a sole proprietor. They may or may not pay taxes but if they ever get audited, the IRS will find you too.

How to Choose a House Cleaning Service

How to choose a house cleaning service is never an easy task. After all, we get flooded with people offering their services. The best advice to give you is, listen to what they say. Are they offering a great service or are they trying to manipulate you into using them so they can feed their kids or make it home for the holidays? There are programs and local churches that will help people in those situations. Never-absolutely-never hire someone out of pity. You will likely never get the results that you are looking for and you will probably regret it. Whether you hire an individual or a company, always make sure that they are a professional.

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