Holiday Cleaning Tips for Parties and Gatherings

Holiday Cleaning Tips- be prepared for Christmas, Hanukkah, and all the guests the holidays will throw at you.

The countdown is on. With less than a week until Christmas and Hanukkah, you may find there is more mess than there is time. And plus, baking cookies is far more fun than scrubbing the floors. The holiday season is about fun and family. You definitely don’t want to be a Scrooge and spend all your time perfecting the house. But there are a few keys to having a cleaner home that will be welcoming and inviting to your guests.

Holiday Cleaning Tips

Make a Great First Impression.

Spend a little of your time showing some love to your entryway. So many people use the garage or other entrances for their homes, they completely forget about the first impression “curb appeal” their guests will see. Sweep the front entry, wipe down the door, clean or buy a welcome mat, and don’t have anything cluttering up the foyer.

The Way to the Heart… It’s in the kitchen.

People tend to congregate in the kitchen or around the food, so tidy up and make sure it smells nice. Clean your drains and disposals. Boil a glass of vinegar in the microwave to get rid of the popcorn smell. And take out the trash.

Clean the Guest Bathroom.

Don’t just wipe the counters, grab some gloves and a scrub brush and get serious. And, clean the bathtub too, because you know people are nosy. Most importantly, make sure your bathroom is stocked with hand towels, soap, toilet paper, and feminine products .

What Smells?

If you’ve cleaned everything, and there is still a funky smell you just can’t place, light a few candles or brew a cup of coffee to cover the smell. But, do make sure to put a more permanent solution on your post-holiday cleaning schedule.

Time may be short, but it’s never too short to make sure your guests are comfortable being in your home. Can you think of any more essentials for holiday cleaning prep? Join the conversation on Twitter and Facebook. If Pit to Palace has helped you this holiday season, give us the gift of a 5 star review on google+.