Sell Your House Faster

Are you wondering how to sell your house faster? Well this blog has tips and tricks that will help you get your home to look like someone else’s dream home. When people are looking to buy a house, they usually try to picture themselves in the home. If your home looks well lived in and cluttered, some people may have a hard time picturing themselves in that house.

Your Can Sell Your House Faster By De-Cluttering Your Home

First, take a trash bag through each room and get rid of anything that can be thrown away. Gather water bottles from the night stands and empty all trash cans throughout the house. We all love the finger paintings that kids bring home from school or church, but you may want to consider putting it in a box if you do not want to throw them out. Sort through all the stacks of paper and rid of junk mail. File necessary papers into a desk drawer or filing cabinet. Shred all unwanted papers with identifying information. This will help clear more than just your desk, it will help you clear your mind.

If there are water bottles on the night stand or stacks of jewelry lying around, it makes a house looked lived in. Try to put necklaces and bracelets in a jewelry case or dresser drawer. Make sure that all clothing is hung up or in drawers. You can make this easier by packing up some of your clothes to keep closets looking larger. Pack up everything but bare necessities and put them in a storage unit or shed. This will help you sell your house faster because less stuff always makes a home look bigger.

If you have a lot of family pictures on the walls, try to minimize and keep one larger “happy family” photo in each room. If you have artwork, the same concept applies. Less makes your house look bigger and better. The goal is to minimize as much as possible. Make your house look like a model home and you will certainly sell your house faster.

You Can Sell Your House Faster By Cleaning the Most Important Areas Before a Showing

The entrance to the home is the most important area. Make sure that there are not any shoes lined up at the front door. Polish any tables and sweep/mop the front walkway. This should make for a good first impression. The second most important areas of the home are the kitchen and living room. A family spends a lot of time in the kitchen. A potential buyer is looking for a cozy space to cook for the family. If you have a lot of decor or small appliances on the counters, try to put them away. Empty counter-tops always appear cleaner and larger. Make sure that the counter-tops are wiped clean. Some buyers like to touch the counter-top to get an idea of the quality. If they get something sticky or slimy on their hand, the will likely think negatively about the kitchen. If you are not buying new appliances to put in the home, make sure that you clean the inside of all appliances. This will make them appear newer. The living room is where the family meets and memories are made. Be sure that the room appears welcoming and cozy. The tables and flooring is very important in this room. Most buyers will try to imagine their own family sitting in your living room. Vacuum those rugs to sell your house faster!

You Can Sell Your House Faster By Paying Attention to the Smells in Your Home

Most first impressions are made by buyers immediately before they even see your house. Sweep your porch and rid of anything that holds standing water. Also spray out your welcome mat with pressure washer to remove old dirt from people’s shoes. Clean the gutters to remove any stagnate or mildewed leaves and twigs that may make people think that your house stinks. If you have anything in the garage that may make a smell, be sure to remove those before a showing. Whatever you do, always….take out the trash on trash days. If the trash is piled up and smelly, people might think that the house is disgusting. Clean up those smelly areas to sell your house faster!

You Can Sell Your House Faster By Taking Care of the Yard

Keeping the yard mowed can make a big difference. A potential buyer is looking for signs that you neglect your home. They do not want to buy a home that hasn’t been taken care of. If you mow your yard and edge the curbs or sidewalks, the buyer will be more likely to trust that you have taken care of your home. If you have children, make sure that outside toys are lined up nicely outside of the back door and not thrown around the yard carelessly. Clean up that yard to sell your house faster!

Do you have any other tips or tricks that may help other sellers clean up their home? Comment below and share with your friends!