Allergies are on the Rise This Season

Allergies are on the rise this season!

Allergy Season

People who suffer from allergies generally have the most flare ups in the spring. Millions of Americans have allergies on a seasonal basis. You can go almost all year without any issues; and then spring time hits. You are then faced with an allergy flare up. For some it can last days, weeks or even months. Many things can be done to help you make it through this time of year. Or at least make it more tolerable.

What causes Allergies?

Allergies are caused by an increase in pollen that is released into the atmosphere. Spring time is the time of year when trees and flowers begin to bloom. Other than medications, you can do things inside your home to also help. Changing your air vent filters once a month can lessen the amount of allergies in your home. Doing this frequently is a good household habit to have. Each time you open the door to your home; you are taking the chance of allowing pollen and allergens inside your home. When your air filters through the vents, it sucks in all the allergens and pollen. Dusting often can also help eliminate this issue.

Pets and Allergens

If you have pets in your home they can also be a source for the allergens to hide. Bathing your pet often or frequent grooming can be helpful. Also restricting pets to certain areas or rooms can help as well. Wood flooring is the best type of flooring to have if you have any allergies. The allergens are less likely to cling to wood floors rather than carpets. Keeping pets off of carpeted areas in a house can cut back on allergens present in the home.

Natural ways to relieve allergy symptoms

Your local pharmacy has many items you can purchase to help relieve some allergy symptoms. Some of them being over the counter medication, and some being natural supplements. The butterbur extract also known as Ze 339, can be taken daily if desired. It has been known to work as well as an antihistamine. A medication with an antihistamine can help block the receptors of histamine in your body.

Eating Right

Eating healthy foods is a great way to fight off allergies and illnesses. Although eating healthy won’t cure your allergy issues; it may help reduce you being affected so often. Eating foods high in fatty acid, and Omega-3’s, like fish has been known to ease allergy symptoms. Vitamin C is also used to control allergies. Like Omega-3’s, eating foods high in these vitamins is better than taking a supplement. All those times you were told to eat healthy might not have been such a bad idea after all.

Summer Clutter Help

Summer Clutter Help is here!

School is Out: It’s a Free For All!

The kids are out of school, but you still have to go to work. That means 2-3 times the dishes and 2-3 times the laundry. Socks on the lampshade and junk food everywhere. The kitchen is a wreck with dishes that fill both sinks every day. The bathrooms have an entirely new odor and nobody can find what they are looking for. If you add the kid’s friends, the neighbor’s kids and vacations to that, you have a tornado. Don’t have an anxiety attack, just get some clutter help.

Clutter Help: Tips & Tricks

Below is a list of tips & tricks that will help eliminate some of the stress during summer and keep you from having to hire clutter help.

  1. Before you leave for work, throw a load of laundry in the washer so that it will be done when you get home. After work just toss the load in the dryer while you eat dinner. This can help keep dirty laundry from piling up.
  2. Before you start cooking dinner, unload the dishwasher so that you can rinse and load the dishes you use while cooking. Make sure that everyone rinses their own plate and places it in the dishwasher after dinner. That will make doing the dishes as easy as pushing a button.
  3. Put a small trash can in every room so that everyone will be more likely to throw away any trash instead of leaving it on the nightstand or the floor.
  4. Make the kids a chore list of things that you want to see get done daily. Some examples would be: pick up bedroom or take out trash. Assign them to the chores before they can leave with friends or go to the swimming pool.

If you need additional clutter help or just have a busy summer schedule, we are always willing to help.

Crazy Smells

It is never a good feeling to walk into a room and start seeking out whatever is making that horrid odor. You can spray air freshener, turn on a Scentsy, or put fresh flowers in a vase. None of these actually rid of the smell. They only mask it. It is so hard to find out what is making that horrible smell when the house is a disaster. You have to pick things up and get each room organized in order to find whatever is causing the odor. Once you have gotten some clutter help, you can actually find the things that cause the odor and eliminate them.

 Summer Clutter Help

Sometimes you just need an extra hand or two during the summer. At Pit to Palace Cleaning, we understand the craziness of summertime. We can help you stay stress free and clean. Our professionals are experienced with picking up and organizing. We have plenty of room in our schedule. Just call 817-395-2136 or email us for an estimate on clutter help.