Cleaning Tips

Cleaning can be enough work without having to sort through several cleaning methods to find the cleaning tips that work. After years of experience in the cleaning industry, we have gained the wisdom and knowledge that is necessary to clean efficiently and effectively. In this blog, you will learn some of the answers to the most common misconceptions and questions about cleaning.

Cleaning Tips #1: Clorox or Lysol

You can ask hundreds of people and get a different answer each time about exactly which type of cleaning spray works the best. Whether you use Pine-sol or Bleach doesn’t really matter as much as mixing chemicals does. Did you know that you should not mix bleach products with ammonia products? It’s true, you may be tempted to just add a little Lysol to the bleach water to make the house smell wonderful. Cleaning tips #1: don’t do it! When bleach and ammonia are mixed together, the combination of liquids causes a lethal fume that could be dangerous for you and your family.

 Cleaning Tips #2: Streaky Glass

You may remember the all famous Windex commercial with the birds that play a prank on the home owner by ringing the door bell and shutting the glass door. If you have never seen it, please click the link above and watch, its hilarious!

Some people prefer to use paper towels while others prefer microfiber or newspaper. While all of these tricks can help, it is really the method than the supplies. Whatever glass cleaner or supplies that you choose to use, it seems so difficult to get the mirrors and doors streak free. Cleaning tips #2: wipe in circles and follow with a dry rag in circles.

 Cleaning Tips #3: Stinky Disposal

At some point, almost everyone has run into a stinky garbage disposal. This can be awful considering that it is located in the room that you cook and eat. No need to be offended when people think that your dinner stinks. Cleaning tips #3: slice up 1/2 to a whole lemon and put in disposal in small portions at a time. With running hot water turn on disposal and let lemons do the work. Caution: do not put a whole lemon in disposal without cutting it up first. This can burn up the motor.

Cleaning Tips #4: Smelly Dishwasher

We live in an age that dishwashers are common. We even have commercials advertising scrub free washing. As an average household, we probably run our dishwasher once a day with dirty dishes. After a while, the inside of the dishwasher can get a build up of food particles and begin to smell. Cleaning tips #4: run a 1/4 cup of bleach through the dishwasher to clean and freshen.


Check back with us for more cleaning tips. If you are in need of help cleaning, please call 817-395-2136817-395-2136 to schedule an appointment. We do clutter control emergencies and after party disasters.