Tips and Tricks for Carpet Stains

Tips and Tricks for Carpet Stains

In the great debate between wood and carpet floors, carpet does sometimes have its winning arguments. It’s definitely cozy and warm and inviting. Especially in the winter months, it’s nice to not need to look for slippers just to walk across the house. And to be able to vacuum once every few days, instead of the endless sweeping necessary with wood floors.

So, yeah, carpet is pretty good.

Right until you spill something on it. Then the panic sets in. Which cleaner should I use? Will I be able to get the stain out? Am I destined to never have a food or drink outside of the kitchen again?

We are here to help! Here are some tips for those pesky stains and how to best tackle them. (As a reminder, you’ll want to test cleaners on your carpets before dousing the whole area, and it’s always best to check your manufacturer’s recommendation and warranty before using any product on your carpet.)

Before You Begin

Tip: When removing stains, it’s better to blot and work inwards than to scrub. Scrubbing can damage the fibers of the carpet and can also cause the stain to spread.

Water-Soluble Stains

These can include: betters, food dye, alcohol, cola, milk, ink, jelly, and some types of paint.

Make a mix for ¼ tsp non-bleach detergent (or you can use white vinegar) combined with 32 oz of water.

Exceptions for Water Soluble Stains

These can include: blood, coffee, tea, wine, vomit, mustard, and chocolate.

You can make a mix of 1 tbs ammonia and 1 cup of water. For some carpets, you can also mix 1 part chlorine bleach to 5 parts water but you’ll need to check with the manufacturer’s recommendation before using bleach on your carpet.


Glue: Rubbing alcohol on a cotton ball is all you need to loosen the glue residue.

Gum and Wax: Use ice cubes to freeze the stuck on mess and then scrape it off and vacuum the pieces.

Nail Polish: Nail polish remover is generally safe in small amounts.

Urine: Mix one part vinegar to one part water and add a drop or two of blue dish soap to clean the area. This will help remove the stain and the smell.