Get Fit While You Clean

Do you find yourself wondering where the time went? There is never enough time in a day. What if you could get fit while you clean? That would be an amazing trick? Well its possible!

Get Fit While You Clean With Cardio

This may be the hardest thing some of you have ever tried to do. Cardio is keeping your heart rate up while working out. This can be easily achieved by moving quickly while cleaning. If you can maintain a steady fast pace for an hour you will burn calories for sure. You can make it a race. Every time that you clean the house, time yourself to see if you can beat your last time.  If you take out the trash, run it out to the curb and run back. You may want to take a break after 20 minutes but remember that you goal is to keep your heart rate up. You can also turn on some upbeat music to help you keep up the pace. Get fit while you clean!

Get Fit While You Clean With Ab Exercises

You can easily work out those ab muscles while you clean by carrying items directly out in front of you. For example, if you are taking out the trash use both hands and hold the trash out in line with your shoulders. This will be difficult with heavier bags, but it will definitely help tighten those tummy muscles. You can do the same thing with laundry baskets. When carrying laundry from one room to another, hold the basket out even with your shoulders to strengthen those tummy muscles. Get fit while you clean!

Get Fit While You Clean Using Laundry

You can easily strengthen those arm and chest muscles by carrying clothing on hangers over and behind your shoulder while you take it to the room it belongs in. You can try lifting the clothes hangers up and down about 6 inches to keep those muscles moving while walking. Be careful not to carry more than you can handle. Get fit while you clean!

Get Fit While You Clean With Squats

Instead of bending over each time to pick up toys from the playroom, try squatting each time. You can also do squats while you wipe hand prints off the doors and door frames. That may make your overall cleaning time a little longer but it is definitely worth it. You will be in that summer bikini in no time. Get fit while you clean!

Get Fit While You Clean With Lunges

Side to side lunges or front to back lunges can be done while seeping with a dust mop. Lunges can also be done when mopping. You may look a little funny or unorthodox, but you will surely feel those muscles burning.

Do you exercise while you clean? If so, do you have other ideas for getting fit while we clean? Please share your thoughts and ideas below.