Meals on Wheels

Pit to Palace Cleaning is partnered with Meals on Wheels to provide Free cleaning services to elderly and disabled clients in need who can no longer physically clean their own homes or are in serious need of a cleaning service. The reason that we are so dedicated to working with Meals on Wheels is because we have the same mission.

Meals on Wheels Purpose

The mission of Meals On Wheels is to make the difference in the lives of many. They do this in several ways including helping to feed the hungry, helping to break the isolation of many lonely days, helping people to live independently in their own homes, helping people to maintain their dignity, helping families to better care for their loved ones, helping to prevent premature nursing home placements, helping our Johnson and Ellis County communities to foster the positive community spirit of people helping people, and helping to improve the overall quality of life.

According to the Meals on Wheels website, “Meals-on-Wheels of Johnson and Ellis Counties is a community-based, 501(c)3 nonprofit organization that serves needy elderly and disabled persons throughout Johnson and Ellis Counties. Founded in 1977, the organization currently serves a total  of 2,400 elderly and disabled persons per year in a two-county service area that covers over 1,700 square miles.

Our Purpose

The mission of Pit to Palace Cleaning is simply to serve the people of the community with an attitude of excellence and a sense of reliability making a difference in the lives of those we encounter. While we are a cleaning company and our services are a little different from Meals on Wheels, both missions are to make a difference in people’s lives.

How you can help?

The most valuable way that you can help this cause is to bring awareness to the public. Many elderly and disabled are suffering and do not know that there is an organization available to help them. There are many ways that you can spread awareness of Meals on Wheels of Johnson and Ellis Counties. You can post things on social media sites like Twitter, Facebook, and Stumble Upon. You can also like the Meals on Wheels of Johnson and Ellis Counties Facebook Page and share their posts with your friends. Tell your friends and family members!

You can also volunteer your time delivering meals. Usually this only takes one hour of your time to deliver one route. You don’t have to volunteer every day but each day makes a difference in the lives of our elderly and disabled. If you are interested in volunteering your time to make a difference, visit this Volunteer Link for more information.

You can also volunteer at fundraising events. In addition to cleaning houses for free, our Pit to Palace Cleaning staff volunteers to work the fundraising events that help Meals on Wheels with the funding that they need to keep help our community.

If you feel encouraged to give financially, the non-profit does accept donations. You can visit their Donations page of the website for more information.

Are you or someone you know elderly or disabled?

If you are someone or know someone who is elderly or disabled and can no longer cook meals or clean, know that there is help available for you. At Pit to Palace Cleaning, we are very passionate about helping people in need. That is why we have partnered with Meals on Wheels of Johnson and Ellis Counties to bring the residents of Johnson county some relief. We are able to help people in need in Burleson, Rendon, Crowley, Joshua, Godley, Cleburne, Keene, Alvarado, Venus, Lillian, and more.