A Quick Guide to Brooms and Dust Mops

Alright witches and wizards, Halloween is over, so if you’re in the market for new brooms for flying around town (or playing Quidditch), look no further. Although, most of the information presented here is more geared toward housekeeping that Snitch catching, take a look at the types of brooms and their uses.

Brooms & Dust mops

The basic indoor broom has bristles, usually synthetic, bunched up, to collect large and fine debris. There are options, like the push broom that are wider to cover more area. And, straw brooms, which are good for the bigger debris. They also may have different types of handles, like wood, plastic or metal, and come in different lengths.

Dust mops are usually covered in cotton or microfiber and are good for collecting dust and debris. Often, the covers can be removed and washed. Dust mops are great on hard wood floors that require gentle but thorough cleaning. They also work well with cleaning solutions.

Making a Selection

Vinyl Brooms

  • work well indoors, like kitchens and hallways
  • bristles are synthetic and flexible
  • can be angled for tough corners

Push Brooms

  • larger heads cover more areas
  • perfect for garages or for commercial areas
  • may have reversible heads so that the bristles don’t wear in only one direction

Straw Brooms

  • are made with natural, thicker bristles
  • good for bigger debris
  • perfect for outdoor areas like porches and sidewalks

Wet/Dry Brooms

  • can scrub floors after removing large debris
  • can be found for indoor and outdoor usage
  • good for workshops and basements

Cotton Dust Mops

  • can be used with cleaning solutions
  • typically have replaceable pads
  • perfect for hardwood floors

Microfiber Mops

  • will attract more dust than a cotton mop
  • usually have removable covers that can be laundered
  • work well on hardwood and laminate floors, especially on fine debris that is difficult to pick up


Unfortunately, our handy guide doesn’t help you pick a new broom for flying around town, but hopefully it’s helpful for normal muggles who just need to sweep the dust off the floor.


Photo Credit: Hand made broomsticks from the Philippines, via Wikipedia