Making the Most Out of After Christmas Shopping

Making the Most out of After Christmas Shopping

Whether you didn’t get everything on your Christmas list, or you’re looking to score some great deals, after Christmas shopping is the way to go. Not only can you get great deals on some big ticket items, you can also prepare for next year’s holidays. (Of course, we recommend you have the space and an organizational system in place before you start buying a surplus of wrapping paper. If you’re not organized, you risk losing your items or forgetting what you’ve purchased before the next season.)

However, if you’re organized, and have a few items left on your wish list, there are a few great things to buy this time of the year. Stores are clearing out their inventory to make room for spring, and things need to go. Fast. Some of these items include…


The tip: Wait until January. Deeper discounts occur in January, when many stores have their “White Sales”. Sheets, comforters, pillow cases, and other bedding items will be much more affordable this time of the year, as retailers look to clear out last year’s designs and make room for the new designs.


We all think of Black Friday when we think of electronics. However, if you can wait until after Christmas, you may find your latest gadget at even lower prices. New technology is often released after the Consumer Electronics Show, which occurs in January. Soon, it’s in with the new, and out with the old. This year’s models will need to be cleared out to make way for the newest gadget. So, watch the sales and snag that new device you’ve been looking at.

Exercise Equipment

This is pretty self-explanatory. New Year. New resolutions. Lots of exercise equipment. So, if you’ve been looking for a treadmill, free weights, or a new pair of running shoes, NOW is definitely the time to hit the sales.

Christmas Accessories

Wrapping paper, boxes, bows, lights, and ornaments… what’s left will start hitting major price reductions. By next week, leftover stock can be found for up to 90% off. There may not be a lot of inventory left, but if you have a few extra dollars and a safe place to keep items for a year, this is the best time to stock up on some of those Christmas essentials for next year.