Got Fleas?

Do you have fleas on your pets and in your home.

Pesky Parasites

Parasites that draw blood from a living being are more commonly known as Fleas. Fleas are found frequently on things such as dogs, cats, rabbits, rats and other domesticated animals. They feast on blood for survival and travel from one host to another. It is even possible for fleas to start out on your pets and end up in your home. If this happens it can become quite a task to get rid of them.

Managing the Situation

The easiest way to manage this situation is to limit the amount of traffic from outside pets into your home. Also using Veterinarian- approved flea control products and area- wide flea control chemicals around your home can also be a solution. As you begin to clean your home you must first remove your pets. Allow yourself 4 to 6 hours to start the cleaning process. This time frame is how long you should keep your pets away from the affected areas.

Ridding the Infestation

Dusting, sweeping, mopping and vacuuming the common areas where your pets are most often is a start. Make sure to wash all areas and fabrics. Fleas and their eggs can live inside carpet, rugs, furniture and bedding. Clean all of your pet toys and bedding as well. Work on the infestation inside your home as well as the outside.

Ridding Your Pet of Fleas

After you have cleaned up the common areas and you have waited the full amount of time, you may now bring your pets in to be bathed. Do not allow your pets to walk across carpeted areas as this might bring fleas back into the home again. Bathe your pet with a flea shampoo and comb out all of the fleas and eggs on your pet. Once this has been done you may now allow your furry friend to run freely in your home.

Staying on top of Things

A regular check for fleas on your pet should be done frequently. If you do not keep track of flea medicines and preventatives you may find yourself doing this all over again. Most of these supplies can be purchased over the counter or through your Veterinarian.  Should you feel you have done all you can and your unable to get rid of the infestation; you might want to contact a pest control professional.