Maid Jobs Near Me

Maid Jobs Near Me

Maid Jobs available in your area. Are you looking for a reputable cleaning service job? We can help with that, we have jobs near you.

Did you know that Pit to Palace Cleaning won the Burleson Chamber Rising Star Award in 2014? We sure did! We are so proud to serve our community and its residents. We hope that you can serve with us too!

Maid Jobs

Professionals that do maid service, house cleaning, office cleaning, janitorial, construction cleaning at all 3 stages, remodel cleaning, post-evict cleaning, real estate & property management cleaning.

We also do carpet cleaning, tile cleaning, air duct cleaning & more!

Satisfaction Guarantee

Our professionals are experienced and do the job right. You can count on us. If for any reason, you are not satisfied with your cleaning just contact us within 24 hours and we will re-clean the unsatisfactory areas at no extra cost. We want to do a good job but if re-cleaning is necessary it helps us see the areas that we can improve.

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Customers can get a FREE instant quote for maid service by clicking the clipboard below. With just a little bit of details about your home, we can give you a quote for your home in less than 5 minutes. You will get an immediate result & an emailed copy of your package options.

Easy Online Booking

Customers can book an appointment maid service right now in less than 2 minutes by clicking the calendar below. We have spots waiting for you as early as this week. Check our calendar today.

Maid Jobs – Vendor Details

Looking for experienced vendors who clean on a professional level. Vendors may include sole proprietors, LLC’s and corporations. *Individuals who have never cleaned or are interested in beginning a career in the cleaning industry may still fill out the application & interview. We do offer industry tools and resources for individuals & experienced vendors. Vendors accept cleaning projects and jobs based on a flat rate per job with an average pay rate of $14-$20 an hour based on type of job, individual skills & experience. (Typically someone with 5+ years experience may work faster & more efficient than someone who is a beginner.)

*Free oil changes
*Competitive job rates 
*Avg $14 – $20 an hour
*Flexible schedule – you chose your availability
*Closed Sundays

Vendors must reflect professionalism, have a smart phone with data and dependable transportation for travel to & from job sites.

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Fill out the maid jobs form below for application, interview & additional info.

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Stove Burner Cleaning Tips

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Having a messy stove top is not only unattractive but can cause an effect on your cooking. Caked on gunk can make your kitchen smell, and can cause a fire hazard if any of the residue were to catch flame. Whether you’re using a gas or electric stove, with regular grates or glass top, keep your stove in it’s best condition by cleaning it regularly.

Methods for Cleaning Stove Burner Grates

The methods below can be useful but will depend on the about of work is necessary to get the job done. Like many other household chores, maintenance and prevention is always easier than deep cleaning. So, spend the time, get it cleaned right, and stay on top of future spills to prevent build-up.

Using Vinegar to Clean

This method is good for daily and light cleaning. Vinegar is a great cleaning agent that is useful for so many household chores. (And even, some of us crazies like the clean smell of vinegar as well!)

  • Apply vinegar to your burners with a spray bottle.
  • Allow the vinegar to sit for 10-15 minutes.
  • Then, wipe up!

It’s really as simple as that, provided that you catch the spill before it has time to set/get baked in.

Using Baking Soda

Baking soda is another great household cleaning supply. It is granulated enough to cause some friction on surfaces, but gentle enough to not scratch surfaces. For hard stains,

  • Wash burners with soap and water to start with.
  • Make a paste with baking soda and water.
  • Cover the burners with the baking soda paste and let it sit for 20 minutes.
  • Scrub the burners afterwards.

For Glass Tops

For glass top stoves, you can purchase a cleanser specifically for that top. That cleanser is recommended so that you do not scratch the surface of your glass top. Scratched burners would cause uneven cooking surfaces and look unattractive.

  • Wipe with a microfiber cloth.
  • Use stove top cleanser as needed.
  • For caked on debris, scrape  GENTLY with a razor and then wipe with a cloth.
  • You never want to scrub your glass top and risk scratching it.

Spring into Spring Cleaning

Spring has sprung and it’s time for a little spring cleaning! Open those windows, let some fresh air in, and get ready to organize and declutter. Whether you’re going top to bottom, or hitting just the essentials, keep in mind a few basics for spring cleaning. There’s no time like the present to make and check off that to-do list.

Spring into Spring Cleaning

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With the sun shining more, you’ll notice dirty windows. And, you don’t want to miss any of that beautiful natural light because of smudged windows! Try a squeegee on big windows for a cleaner, streak-free shine.


Change out old light bulbs and brighten up your space. When you do replace bulbs (and even where you don’t), take a few moments to dust fixtures and wash light bulb covers. You should also clean the area around recessed bulbs in your ceiling. Dust and bugs accumulate in these areas and you won’t feel your spring freshest with dirt over your light fixtures.

Blinds and Curtains

Like everything else, the dust has settled on your blinds and curtains. Winter weather means less air circulating around the home. Open the winds to get a breeze but also run your curtains through a quick wash cycle. Wipe down blinds as well so they won’t look discolored.

Check Your Supplies

As you’re spring cleaning, it’s the best time to check stock of all your specialty cleaning supplies. In addition to your basics, make sure you have stain fighters, floor cleaners, vacuum bags, and any other cleaning supplies you may need.

Change the Bedding

While this isn’t at all necessary for spring cleaning, a new bedspread or duvet cover can change the entire look and feel of a room. Brighten and lighten for the spring, so that your bedroom feels like a luxurious spa or ocean getaway.

Speaking of Change…

Don’t forget to change the direction of your ceiling fans! You want your fans to run counter-clockwise during warm months. A cool breeze will hopefully postpone the inevitable need to turn on the A/C.

Deep Clean the Fridge

It’s necessary. It’s not fun. But take time to do it. Baking soda and water make a great combination to scrub the shelves. To keep down odor, keep a fridge box of baking soda in the fridge and freezer and replace as needed.


Replace batteries in your smoke detectors every six months. A handy reminder is to do that when the time changes. This year, that’s March 12th. So change those batteries and make sure all detectors function properly.

Mantel Decorating Ideas for a New Look

Mantel Decorating

Whether you’ve lived in your home for years, or have just recently moved to a home with a fireplace, you know how the mantel can be the focal point of the home.

Often, it’s the first place someone looks upon entry to the living area, and is a great reflection of our personality and style. So, whether you decorate once or update seasonally, you want to make sure your mantel reflects your awesome personality.

Balance and Scale

The key to remember is BALANCE. You want a symmetrical, balanced feel to your room. Consequently, it will feel streamlined and well put together. You can go about this in classic or modern ways. But in the end, you want it to feel balanced.

The second main key to remember is SCALE. You want to highlight the space but you don’t want to overwhelm the room with pieces that are too large for the space. Play with different sizes and colors in order to get the feel that you like.

Here are a few ideas to place with as you get started…

Greenery. Often, fire places are tough and heavy, with construction of brick or stone. They can easily make the room feel heavy and dark if they are not adorned properly. Lighten and soften the space with the use of green plants.

Art Pieces. If you have a large piece of art, a great place to hang it may be above the mantel. The eye is already drawn to the area, and it can be a great place to display your fine tastes.

Mirrors. The use of a mirror can make the room feel double it’s size. Because mirrors come in a variety of shapes and borders, they will add great character to a space. Also, the reflective surface will add light to the space.

TVs. It’s pretty common to hang the television above the mantel. For that, we suggest wall mountings and lovely and simple frame around the television. Also, make sure your furniture is arranged in a way that is comfortable to see the TV.

Seasonal. Lastly, f you’re super creative or motivated, you can change out the decor for the holidays or seasons. It’s a fun way to add some personality and character into the space.

Photo Credit and Additional Ideas Can be Found at DIY


Sell By Dates May Get an Update

We’ve talked before about food expiration dates, sell by dates, and other dates on your products. They don’t all mean the same thing, and in some cases, don’t mean much at all. And now, at least two organizations are hoping to help clarify the confusion.

The Grocery Manufacturers Association and the Food Marketing Institute are just a few of the names in line to help reduce food waste.

The Confusion

Because of the confusion will “sell by”, “best by”, and other expiration dates, very often completely safe food gets tossed from over concerned individuals.

In some cases, food may not taste as good, because it isn’t as fresh, but over all, food just doesn’t have a magic hard line when it “expires”.

Sell By Change

The two associations which include most food manufacturers and retailers as members are looking to abolish the current labeling system, including the labels “sell by” and “expires on”.

If their plan goes forward, they are suggesting just two labels on food products. One would be the “best if used by”date, which is already a common label. And the second one would be the “use by” date for products that are more likely to spoil as they age.

In Favor

The move would definitely garner favor among environmental groups. Groups such as the Natural Resources Defense Council have been advocating for such a change for a while. They hope label changes would lead to a reduction in food waste.

The USDA has also shown support for a more simplified labeling system, asking for companies to just use one label, the “best if used by” label.

Currently, there is no federal law requiring or regulating expiration dates on foods. Some states do have requirements for certain types of foods, like dairy or meat products.

Food safety experts however, state that stale or spoiled foods aren’t generally particularly hazardous, even if they aren’t tasty. It doesn’t take an expiration date to tell you not to drink spoiled milk!

Until Then

Until a change takes place, try to reduce waste by buying less, making sure food is stored at the proper temperatures, and checking before you automatically toss something just because of it’s date.

Source: NPR


Things You Should Clean More

Things You Should Clean More Than You Probably Do

You clean your house, are you getting it all covered?

Even the cleanest people can miss things if they aren’t thinking about it. Now, of course, we don’t advocate for anyone to get obsessive in their cleaning. BUT, you don’t want to overlook some important items either. Check out the following list of things you should clean more than you probably do and see if there are any items you are completely overlooking on your household chores.

Don’t Forget the Remote Control

Everyone’s grimy hands fight over the remote. You don’t want to be fighting over each other’s germs as well. Use a Q-Tip and rubbing alcohol to wipe between the buttons and to get everything all sanitized. (And use that alcohol again for your computer mouse and your phone buttons too.)

Don’t Forget the Dishwasher

Clear out that extra gunk by pouring a cup of baking soda in the bottom basin of the dishwasher, and put a measuring cup of vinegar in the top shelf. Run the dish cycle as normal. The extra cleaning cycle will freshen the odor of your dishwasher and help clean out any caked-on gunk, for a more effective dish cycle.

Don’t Forget the Ceiling Fans

That dust builds up over time, and it always seems to fall off in the most inconvenient times. Catch that dust by wrapping an old pillowcase around the fan blades and pulling the dust into the case.

Don’t Forget the Fridge Handles

And can opener, and any other gadget, tool, or appliance you touch daily that doesn’t go into the dishwasher. These things don’t need to be done often, but an occasional sanitizing is well worth the extra couple of moments. Especially in the kitchen.

Don’t Forget the Pillows

Did you know it is generally safe to throw pillows in the washer and dryer? It won’t extend the lifespan forever, but it is good to give pillows a quick washing every now and then. Cut down on germs, improve smell, and add some extra fluff by washing bed pillows and throw pillows when needed.