Backsplash says a lot

Backsplash for looks

When you go into someone’s kitchen their Backsplash is easily noticed. A Backsplash can say a lot about the kitchen itself. Some have it for looks. Some add a little piece of themselves into it. They can be used to show someone’s personality or the style of decor they enjoy. Others may just take the simple look.

Brighten up the Kitchen

The beautiful green color in this kitchen really makes this area stand out. It brightens up the room and gives it a nice touch. Using bright colors can make a room look bigger in almost all circumstances. That’s why most people say not to paint your walls with dark colors if you want a more spacious look.

Getting Crafty

Some Backsplashes are full of family memories and they turn out beautiful. You can take some old coffee cups, bowls from your grandmother’s cabinet or even use plates you have no use for. Break the dishes into a lot of creative little pieces and use them to decorate. Paste them on the walls for a more creative and different outlook. You will have made some space in your cabinets, but you will still have the memories to enjoy for years to come.

Which style fits you?

There are many types of Backsplashes you can choose from. Ceramic is one of the more popular styles. Stone gives a beautiful look as well. You will want to have a backsplash that will match well with your counter tops and cabinets. Also plan to use something that cleans easily or doesn’t hoard grease.

Modern Kitchen

The modern style has a very elegant look to it. It’s not often you see a kitchen done in a modern style and not like what you see. Most modern kitchens are seen with two walls covered in cabinets rather than shelves. The glass and marble look is a great idea and it fits perfectly with most cabinets. There is more room for your dishes and spices. Use a Backsplash that best represents you or your family; and your styles as a whole.