Cleaning Stainless Steel

Stainless steel appliances are so beautiful when they are brand new. Cleaning stainless steel becomes a must after they get fingerprints and smudges everywhere.

Stainless Steel With All-Natural Methods

If you are looking for a good all-natural method for cleaning stainless steel in your home, these may be a few good options for you. People are cleaning stainless steel with a mild dish soap and water. This method uses a wet towel wrung out with a small amount of dish soap to remove food, fingerprints and other smudges.

Club Soda with a soft cloth will also clean your stainless steel without the use of harsh chemicals. White vinegar and a microfiber cloth rubbed in the direction of the grain will make for a nice clean.

Another excellent all-natural option for cleaning stainless steel is cleaning stainless steel with a damp towel and a small amount of olive oil or baby oil. Rubbing in the direction of the grain will remove unwanted food and smudges. This method leaves a beautiful shine.

Martha Stewart is Cleaning Stainless Steel With Windex

Martha Stewart says the best thing to use for cleaning stainless steel is Windex. Stainless steel gets fingerprints and streaks just like windows or mirrors. Windex works just as well on cleaning stainless steel as it does on glass. You will want to use a clean dry paper towel or wash towel and lightly spray with the Windex. Rub out the smudges and fingerprints, then polish by rubbing in the direction of the grain. Make sure that you do not use too much glass cleaner.

There is not much difference between the brands of glass cleaner. Just about any glass cleaner similar to Windex will do the same thing.

Stainless Steel With Other Brand Name Cleaners

Weiman brand stainless steel cleaner is one of the best out there. Used in combination with a microfiber cloth Weiman’s stainless steel cleaner can bring any appliance a beautiful shine. Seventh Generation has a new stainless steel cleaner that removes dirt and isn’t as harmful as other harsh chemicals.