Pollen at its Worst

Pollen at its Worst

Pollen Season is Coming Soon

Pollen is a powdery substance that can be found outdoors during the spring time. It comes from plants and flowers as well. Sometimes it can cause allergy reactions to those who are allergic to pollen. You will find it most often during the spring.

Allergies during the spring

Pollen and spring time do not mix well. All of the powdery substances floating around the air can be troublesome. Allergies flare up more often in the season when flowers bloom. Itchy- watery eyes, sneezing and even trouble breathing can be some symptoms of allergies. Benadryl may be your best friend.

Allergy Treatments

As I mentioned previously Benadryl might be your best fight against the itchy eyes, and runny nose. Really any antihistamine will prove effective for most people. Any over the counter drugs can help with some of these symptoms. If you feel you are not getting any relief, talk to your family doctor for more help.

Spring means more than just Pollen

Although flowers are pretty and the weather is great, spring can be more than that. In the spring in some households they decide to use this time as a time to clean and organize. It is most commonly called spring cleaning. You may want to rearrange your living room and even give your home a nice good cleaning. If you choose to do so, make sure to keep your windows and doors closed until you are finished. This helps keep any floating pollen or dust from reentering your home.

Have a Family Picture Day

Since the weather is pretty, gather your family for a nice outside picture. Lots of flowers are in bloom and can serve as a great background to a family photo shoot. Have a picnic or family outing. Get your family and friends together for a barbecue. The beautiful weather makes beautiful memories.