Cleaning Rental Property

Cleaning Rental Property

After a tenant moves out, the mess can be frustrating. If you are the property manager or owner of the property, this can be costly and time consuming. We have plenty of experience cleaning rental property in the Johnson & Tarrant County Areas.

Trash Removal

Some tenants leave unwanted furniture and junk behind for the property manager to clean up. This can cause a large gap in turn over time. Our staff is prepared and shows up to the job site with trash bags and will take everything to the curb for you.

Attention to the Details

Cleaning rental property can be easy when hiring professionals that have been in the industry for years. Our cleaning professionals have been properly trained and educated on the finest details of cleaning rental property. We tackle the inside of bathroom and kitchen cabinets. We wash windows and we even pull out the appliances to clean under/beneath. We wash baseboards, framework, and light switches. We get the dirt from places people forget about.


Cleaning rental property is most definitely a sanitation clean. When a family moves out of a home or a new family moves in, it is necessary to sanitize the home. It can be a little unnerving to move into a new home not knowing what germs and bacteria was left behind from the previous tenants.  Our cleaning professionals make sure that your home is sanitized before you move in.

Cleaning as a Selling Tool

Many property managers and real estate agents alike, have used our services as a selling tool. Sometimes, a tenant is a little uneasy about renting or buying. Offering to have the property professionally cleaned can be a great selling tool. If you are interested in cleaning rental property, give us a call at 817-395-2136 or request an estimate by filling out the comment form on our website.