Dryer Sheets

Dryer Sheets Aren’t just for Laundry Anymore!

Dust Bunnies

Dryer sheets can be used in your home more often than you think. Dust builds up on many different surfaces, and dryer sheets can be a quick clean up solution. Blinds and T.V.’s are hard surfaces to keep dust off of. Using a dryer sheet to clean those areas may be beneficial. They are still soft enough to not leave any scratches; but still tough enough to grab dust.

Pleasant Smells

If your home or car ever gets an unpleasant smell to it, dryer sheets are your buddy. Dryer sheets can be put in the air vents of vehicles or homes. This will make your home or car smell better and still allow your air system to function properly. They can also be put underneath furniture or car seats. If changed often your vehicle and home will continue to smell great!

Love your Vacuum

You may or may not have a vacuum that requires a bag; but either way a dryer sheet can be placed in the bag or container of your vacuum. This is done to keep your home smelling fresh. Sometimes vacuums can smell each time you turn them on. This is most common in homes where pets reside or a smoking home. This will still allow you to vacuum the way you wish too and collect all of your household dirt. It just helps the air coming from the vacuum smell better.

Bugs be Gone

I personally do not like the smell of insect repellent. As many others can relate, the feeling of the repellent is also irritating. Most people would ask, “Would you rather get bit or smell funny”? I never have to try to answer that question again. If I know that I am going to be outdoors I make sure to bring some dryer sheets along with me. You can tie one to the loop on your belt or rub them on your clothing. It’s safe for kids and insects do not like the smell so it keeps them away.

Hard to Clean

Everyone has that one dish in your kitchen that you have a hard time cleaning. After holidays is the worst. If you have tried all you can and have still been unsuccessful, give it one more shot. Grab the dish that tends to be difficult and fill it will hot soapy water. Add a clean dryer sheet to the dish. Let it soak overnight. It should wipe right off in the morning. Not only are these tips and tricks helpful, but they are also inexpensive and safe for everyone.

Dryer Sheets