Flu Season is Around the Corner

Flu Season at its Worst

What is the Flu?

Flu activity has increased greatly in the United States over the years. The Flu is a nasty virus that can be harmful and possibly deadly for some. It is seen most often in the month of February and can continue all the way until May. It is most likely deadly for the elderly, small children and people with weak immune systems. Although it is not likely you will pass away from this illness, it is still not unheard of. There are some things that can be done to prevent the Flu or possibly shorten the virus and its symptoms.

What can I do?

The CDC generally recommends everyone over the age of 6 months old get a yearly Flu Vaccine. Your local pharmacy or family doctor can help you decide if it is best for your family. If you do choose to get vaccinated, it can take up to two weeks for the protection to settle in your body. So until your two weeks is up make sure to stay clear of anyone who was recently diagnosed. Stay out of their homes as well. The virus can be considered airborne and can also be contracted through direct contact with someone who was previously ill.

If you catch the Flu

If you happen to contract the Flu, make sure to seek medical attention. There is an antiviral medication called “Tamiflu”, that can weaken your more severe symptoms. For some people especially children, the Tamiflu can be harsh on the stomach. It does not cure the illness, but it has been known to give some relief. Also make sure to utilize your hand washing skills to the max. Proper hand washing is a must. Make sure to seclude yourself away from others. Clean up after yourself, and sanitize you surroundings often.

How to protect others

If there are others that live in your home, be sure to notify them of your illness. Also people with children should notify the school. This way they are aware it was going around in your household and they can take proper precautions. You can also have your children cover their cough and sanitize their hands often. If your child does happen to contract the Flu, keep them home from school if possible. Keep your personal things to yourself. Do not share food, drinks, dishes, bedding or if possible even the same room. If contained to only one main area it is possible to prevent a rapid spread.

How to clean your home after the Flu

After you are feeling back to normal and you are certain your symptoms are gone; you may begin to clean your home and the contaminated areas. Make sure to clean your car as well. Start with the room with the most contamination. Wash all laundry, bedding, dust, and wipe down everything with sanitizing wipes. Do not forget to clean your own personal bathroom if you have one. Sanitizing wipes can be very effective. When you decide to move onto other areas throughout the house, make sure to sanitize those areas as well. Wipe down door knobs, light switches and all furniture. Finally, don’t forget to change your air filter. Following these tips can be a great help for you and your family.