Spring Break Staycation Ideas

It is officially Spring Break in North Texas for many schools! The kids are excited but you may be scrambling for some fun, inexpensive activities to keep them busy for the week. Traveling isn’t an option for many families, as work schedules, finances, and extra curricular activities may be preventing it. But, there are always fun things to do right here at home to make some memories with the kids.

Spring Break Staycation Ideas

Backyard Camping

Setting up a test in the backyard is a perfect way to ease into the idea of “for real” camping. Grab your sleeping bags, make a fire pit, tell stories and eat s’mores. The best part? You can still go back inside to use the bathroom.

Video Game and Board Game Party

It’s Texas, which means the weather can be a tad unpredictable. If the rain comes in, invite some friends over to play video games and board games. Split into teams, break out the Wii Sports, give out prizes, and make a rainy day the best day ever.

Movie Marathon

Break out the red carpet (a table cloth is a good option!) and decorate for a star-studded event. You could even have everyone dress up in their red-carpet best, toast with sparkling cider, and you can be the critics of the best films. But, don’t forget the popcorn!

Play Tourist

It’s really quite interesting the number of people who haven’t been “tourists” in their hometowns. What do people do when they travel to your city? Go catch the hot spots! Look for museums, landmarks, and historical sites that you’ve overlooked. Your staycation could really be someone’s idea of the best vacation.

Book a Room

Booking a hotel room in town seems silly, but it really can be a bunch of fun. You can relax. Housekeeping makes the beds. In most places, you get free breakfast. And the kids can splash around in the pool months before public pools open. It’s a win win win for everyone in the family.

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Do you have any other staycation ideas? Join the conversation and let us know, over on our Facebook page! Happy Spring Break!