Rendon TX Cleaning & Maid Service

Excellent Service Guaranteed Results! Yes there is a maid service Rendon TX

Cleaning & Maid Service in Rendon TX

We provide house cleaning and maid service with an attitude of excellence. No need to put on gloves, let us do your dirty work! Call our Rendon TX customer service team today for a free estimate!


We know just how important the cleanliness of your kitchen is. We understand that this is where your family gathers every day. We want you and your family to enjoy your leisure time and not spend the entire time house cleaning. Our maid service works hard to keep you clean. Your kitchen will be clean and sanitary for you to cook in after our staff leaves Rendon TX.

Sanitize the kitchen – microwave inside/out, wipe countertops, cabinet fronts & knobs, wipe and polish appliance surfaces & drip pans – knobs, table & chairs.


The bathroom is always the last place that anyone wants to clean. Whether you are potty training a toddler or teaching your daughter how to put on make up, cleaning the bathroom always seems to become a disaster. Not to worry, our cleaning staff knows just how to take of your needs! Our professionals will make sure your bathroom always stays clean in Rendon TX.

Sanitize the bathroom- Cabinet fronts & knobs, shelves, wipe toothbrush holders, wipe countertops, showers & tubs, sinks & toilets.

General Cleaning

Pick up and straighten each room in Rendon TX. Dusting – ceilings & corners, cobwebs, light fixtures, fans, air vents, curtains, blinds, window frames & sills, shelves, pictures frames, furniture & decor. Shine mirrors & glass. Empty trash and vacuum all rugs or carpeted areas. Vacuum and mop all floors.

We also have add on services for Rendon TX. We have experienced professionals that organize closets and cabinets.  We also have professionals that specialize in laundry services.


If you are unsure about something or want to add on to your service, please call our customer service team for a free estimate.