Preparing Your Business for Health Inspection

Health inspection visits are a common part of your food business. Be prepared for health inspection and know what to do when they get there and if you need to improve.

Tips for Health Inspection Preparation

  • Use a similar form for your preparations as the health inspector will use for their visit. It will help you to prepare sufficiently.
  • Start your practice walk through from the outside. You’ll get a full, more objective view.
  • Communicate with your kitchen staff and emphasize food safety.
  • Prioritize the topics of inspection. First, food temperature and times will be priority, followed by personal hygiene and cross contamination.
  • Hand washing should always be emphasized. Signs should be visible in bathrooms and at all kitchen sinks.
  • Make sure managers and staff are up to date with latest training, and review your local health code for for local specifics.

During Health Inspection Visit

  • Request the credentials of the inspector. If the inspector is unable to verify their identity, it is proper to call the health department to get appropriate credentials.
  • Do not refuse an inspection upon request. Refusal will lead to a warrant and cause problem and suspicion.
  • Next, walk through your business along with the inspector so that you can take notes. If they find any violations, you can show your willingness to correct problems. Answer questions truthfully and provide adequate information.
  • Do not offer any food or anything else that could possibly be seen as an attempt to influence reports.
  • Sign the report after inspection and ask the inspector to explain findings to your staff. Take a moment to share suggestions for areas of improvement.

Follow Up

  • For any citations given during the visit, make the following changes.
  • Fix the most important violations from the inspection.
  • Furthermore, communicate with your employees all of the violations and their importance. Work with staff to avoid future violations.
  • If you have any questions about findings, ask for explanation. You and the inspector should be on the same side. You should be working toward the improvement of your business.
  • If you have any disagreements, the decision can be appealed at a later date.