Oven Choices and Features

You don’t have to be a chef to want an amazing oven. Whether you’re a long time cook, or freshly inspired by watching too much Food Network, you need the appliance to match your need and your personality. Keep in mind these suggestions when considering your next kitchen purchase.

Consider a Double Oven

This may seem completely obvious to those who have one, and completely unnecessary to those who never have, but double ovens make a world of difference in the kitchen. You may initially think that it will only be needed on Thanksgiving, but you’ll quickly realize the convenience of being able to cook two things at different temperatures at the same time. One oven is typically larger, to accommodate things like a roast, while the other is smaller, for your cupcakes and pies. And if you only need to heat a small item, you’ll save energy by only using the smaller oven.

Convection Heating

Although not a new feature, convection heating is still an important asset. With the temperature being circulated by fans, the oven maintains a steady heat throughout. Also, be on the looking in the future for Trivection technology. This combines convection, microwave, and thermal heating for a super powered, faster cooking, energy saving device that’s sure to become popular.

Sabbath Mode

It may have been designed for certain religious groups, but Sabbath mode comes in handy for just about anyone. This additional option on your oven keeps food warming for long periods of time. It’s like a warming oven in restaurants. If a family member is running late for dinner, you can keep the food warm without drying out. It’s a great consideration especially for families with crazy schedules.

Glass Doors

This may be something you don’t even think about, as most ovens have glass doors now. But, if you have an interest in retro style ovens, you may want to consider what you’re missing. A glass door means less opening the oven to peek- which means less energy wasted and more even temperatures. Concerned about keeping the glass clean? Check out this tutorial for door cleaning. 

Timers and Delay Start Features

Again, these common sense features may be overlooked until you realize how much you miss them. Timers on the oven make it more convenient to remember to set a timer, and delay start means you can get your dinner started even when you’re busy with something else.

With the variety in oven choices currently, it’s important to remember the basics when it comes to making that choice. Keep in mind the functions you need before making a choice solely on fashion. With the great selection out there now, you’ll be able to find the perfect combination to inspire your way to culinary greatness!