Odor Removal Tips

It’s getting cooler out, so right now, your windows may be open and you may be enjoying the fresh air. But, come next month, it will be time to close’em all up. That’s when you may start to notice any lingering odor in the house. You can only Febreze so much, so check out these tips to remove any lingering smells from your home.

Mildew Odor in Bathrooms

The humidity in the bathroom is a perfect breeding ground for mold and mildew, leaving things with a wet, stale, smelly oddor. In order to cut down on the humidity, make sure your exhaust fan is working properly and is running when you shower. If you do not have an exhaust fan, an oscillating fan can be used after your shower too, or you can open a window. Wash towels, rugs, and cloth shower curtains regularly and make sure they all dry thoroughly after use.

Pet Smells

We all love our pets, but they do smell. Toss your cushions and pillows out in the sun on a bright day to air out the odor. Also, keep air conditioner filters changed and vacuum and dust regularly. There are also specific products for pet odor you can use on your furnitiure.

Garbage Cans

Changing your trash bags regularly is the most important thing you can do to avoid smells. Also, making sure liquids don’t get spilled in the trash can. If the odor remains after taking out the trash, scrub the inside of your can with a vinegar OR bleach wash to help freshen it up and to kill bacteria.

Garbage Disposals

One sure fire way to ruin dinner is to have a stinky kitchen. Make sure you empty the sink and run the garbage disposal when you’re done each night so there isn’t anything left behind to get smelly. If you’ve missed something, running vinegar down the sink will help and you can even make vineger ice cubes to grind in the disposal. (Make sure not to put those in your drink though!!)

Refrigerator Smells

Scrub up any spills and put a box of baking soda in your fridge and in your freezer. You can even buy boxes designed for that purpose. The baking soda soaks up the humidity and also the smell.