New Year Organization Goals

New year organization goals

We’re two weeks into 2017 already. Yes, already, January is HALF OVER! The parties have died down, the decorations are most likely put away, and you may be ready for a fresh start to the new year.

And this is a perfect time for a new resolution. We know… no one wants to add MORE to their to-do list. But, taking a few moments to get organized at the beginning of the year will help you all year long.

Here are a few great things to focus on at the beginning of a new year.

Downsize to Optimize New Year Organization

There are a few different methods to downsize. One thing that works for many people is the two-for-one method. For every one thing you add, try to get rid of two things. If you buy new socks for the kids, get rid of all the old ones. Or, if you buy new workout clothes (because, hello, resolutions!), get rid of two pairs of sweats you never wear anymore.

Trash the worn out, and donate the good stuff!

Label, label, label

Hopefully, you did step one, and downsized. Now, to make this effective, LABEL where things belong, or what is in the boxes. This is especially helpful with holiday items, but is also extremely helpful for seasonal items, and hand-me-down clothes for younger kids.

Next, once everything is labeled, put it away in an organized fashion! Then, you’re set for next year, next season, or the next kiddo!

Put Things Away

Furthermore, cleaning becomes a breeze when there is less clutter. Have you ever had to clean before your cleaning person arrived? That’s because 80% of cleaning is putting stuff away so that you can actually GET TO the surface that needs to be cleaned.

Less clutter = less prep time.

Clean Better

Whether you break chores into small bits to do daily, or do an all-day clean on your day off, make it most efficient by staying focused and going room by room. Do not dart from room to room and never get back to the start!

One room at a time will make you feel more accomplished.


In conclusion, we hope you start 2017 with a bang and with a simpler, saner lifestyle. In the beginning, if you downsize, organize, and stay on top of things, your New Year Organization resolution will be an all year organization success!