New Build

New Build Cleaning – a very detailed clean before a final walk through & move.


  • New Build Cleaning
  • General Dusting
  • Air Vents
  • Ceiling Fans / Light Fixtures
  • Scrub & Sanitize Kitchen
  • Microwave
  • Scrub & Sanitize Bathrooms
  • Sweep/Vacuum Floors
  • Mop Hard Flooring
  • Door Handles
  • Doors & Door Frames
  • Baseboards and Window Sills
  • Cabinet Fronts
  • Front of Kitchen Appliances
  • Top of Fridge (if accessible)
  • Inside Windows & Window Frames
  • Pantry
  • Inside of Cabinets
  • Utility Room
  • Light switches
  • Fireplace swept
  • Front & Back Porch swept
  • Removal of stickers if new install
  • Removal of grout on tile/tubs
  • Removal of paint splatter on windows

New Build cleaning is not common knowledge. It is something better left to the experts. This type of cleaning takes a skilled eye and an attitude of excellence. Its super important to pay close attention to the fine details like windows, window sills, frames, woodwork and new appliances. Everything needs to be thoroughly wiped down and all dust must be removed before anyone can move into a new build. We remove stickers and plastic. Then we make sure that everything is free of all minor trash, debris, and dust. Our cleaning techs make faucets and appliances shine for the new home owner.

New Build Cleaning

When a family moves out of a home and remodel work is done, there are all types of dirt and grime left behind. During this type of clean, it is necessary to sanitize every surface. After all, moving into a new home is enough stress without having to worry about what may be on the surface of the things that your kids keep touching.

New Build or remodel cleaning can be very time-consuming work because it is a dust removal & sanitation clean.