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A Word from our CEO:

“In 2011, the Lord told me “Take care of my people”. At that very moment, I was standing in a home caring for an elderly couple who could hardly bend over much less mop a floor. After I left that house, I cried. I realized that the Lord had poured his heart out to me about his people and I had to do something about it. I knew that there were more people all over the country just like this elderly couple that I care deeply for. Although it took a while, I built a professional cleaning company that is proud to volunteer with Meals on Wheels and help take care of people who find themselves in situations that make them feel helpless. If you are a Meals on Wheels representative or volunteer, I want to personally thank you for not only serving your community but also for helping me accomplish the Lord’s mission to take care of his people. You are valuable to me and I appreciate your hard work!”

~ Rachel House Sparks ~