Hydrogen Peroxide For Multi Purpose Cleaning

When you think of hydrogen peroxide, you may think of that bubbly sensation when cleaning cuts and scrapes. But in addition to wound cleaning, peroxide can be useful in many other ways.

Clean Yourself

Mouth Wash- Hydrogen peroxide is good for fighting bacteria in the mouth. You don’t want to use it very often, because it will kill the good stuff in addition to the bad stuff, but if you’re fighting a cold and sore throat, it may help to gargle with water mixed with a couple of spoons of peroxide.

Whiter Teeth- Peroxide is a common ingredient in teeth whitening products. You can gargle a bit of peroxide diluted with water up to three times a week to help brighten your teeth.

Wound Cleaning- There is mixed evidence about the efficacy of peroxide for wound cleaning, but the general advise is it’s helpful as a disinfectant as long as it is not overused. So clean up those cuts and scrapes!

Hydrogen Peroxide in the Home

Clean the Toothbrush- You can clean the germs from your toothbrush by soaking it in peroxide for an hour.

Stain Remover- Peroxide is good on so many types of stains! It acts as a bleach, so you’ll want to be careful with bright colors, but it can be a great stain cleaner!

Lunchbox Cleaner- Kids’ lunchboxes are overused and often under-washed. Mix some water and peroxide in a spray bottle and spritz the lunch box. After a bit, wipe it down and your lunch box will be clean (and not smelly).

Clean Your Cutting Boards- You prepare a variety of foods on your cutting boards. Meat, Veggies, and Fruits. You want to make sure you’re cleaning them the best way. To thoroughly disinfect (without ruining the wood surface), spray peroxide on both sides and allow it to soak into the grains for several minutes. Then, rinse the surface with cold water!