House Cleaning | Children and Teenagers

Before we start a family our houses are so neat and organized. We hardly have to spend any time to keep it that way. House cleaning is not as difficult of a task with only one or two people in the house. When we first have children, they are so cute and everyone stands around the crib saying “aaww” and “he is so cute”. Babies are so adorable and for a short time we forget how messy raising children can be. It seems that God designed us this way so that we would totally forget how much work it can be. I thank God every day that he made me forget so that I could have the most amazing children even though I need my own housekeeper.

House Cleaning: Toddlers

Having babies is such an amazing experience. They are just so tiny, but babies spit up and sooner or later all your clothes are accessorized with spit up or baby food. I never understood how I could find clumps of baby food in my hair. Then babies grow to be toddlers and begin crawling or walking. Toddlers get into everything and house cleaning becomes a daily struggle.

When my children were toddlers, house cleaning was such a huge task to keep up with. You see, I had 4 toddlers at the same time. While I was preparing a bottle for one of them, another would be pulling all my clean laundry out of the basket and dragging it across the house. The other 2 would be playing in the toilet or eating dog food. By nap time, I was so exhausted that I would sleep too. I hardly had enough time to clean up the messes that my toddlers made on a daily basis, not to mention the deeper house cleaning tasks like dusting or cleaning out the fridge.

House Cleaning: The Eager to Please Age

As children grow out of the toddler stage, they become so eager to please. This is my favorite stage. “Mommy can I help?” becomes a commonly heard phrase. Suddenly things aren’t so bad. The children learn to pick up toys and want to help wash dishes. It couldn’t get better, house cleaning is easy! This stage doesn’t last long though. Soon enough, they grow again.

House Cleaning: Pre-teens & Teenagers

Eventually the strangest things start to happen. The girls become inspired by art and everything becomes a masterpiece! Now every color glitter, paint, bracelets, beads, and paper fill their rooms. There is nothing like going to work with glitter on your business suit and I speak from experience. Not to mention that girls change clothes 2-3 times a day. Laundry becomes an all day Saturday chore.

Boys begin to eat everything in sight leaving crumbs all over the house and dishes in places you would never think of. Of course teenage boys have a much different idea of clean than mothers, so they don’t even think it’s dirty. They will wear the same pair of jeans all week if you let them. This is the stage of all the stinky smells, when puberty hits. All of a sudden, your beautiful baby boy turns into a stinky man – also speaking from experience.

House Cleaning: Schedule an Appointment

Sometimes, no matter how old our children are, we just need a little help. Pit to Palace Cleaning understands these life happenings and would love to help you. Call us today 817-395-2136 or fill out the form below to get an estimate.


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