Curtains: A Necessary Accessory

When choosing window treatments, it seems like there are an unlimited number of options for every window. Curtains, blinds, drapery: each treatment serves an important function for the various rooms in your home. So, in addition to knowing the types of window treatments available, you’ll want to know how to choose curtains for each room of your house.

On today’s post, we’ll talk about the types of window treatments available, and then later this week, we’ll talk about how to choose the best window treatment for each room.

Curtains and Other Window Treatment Types

Ascot Valances: These are a pointed design valance, and will need to be two to three times the width of your window to give the proper amount of coverage.

Other Valances: There are other types of valances, which are short pieces of fabric that hang from the top of the windows. They can be straight or puffy, depending on the style you like.

Blinds: Blinds are usually used in addition to other window treatment options. There are a variety of styles and materials for blinds, but generally, they are very helpful for privacy and adjusting the amount of light in the room.

Curtains: Curtains are a light weight fabric that come in three main styles, panels, cafe, and tier. They make you home feel more warm and inviting, and come in many prints and colors.

Drapes: Drapes are a heavier fabric, and have traditionally been used in more formal rooms in the home. However, casual drapery has become more popular, and drapes are also good for temperature control in rooms that receive a lot of light. The panels can be lined to keep out heat and light.

Scarves: Window scarves are a good option if you have oddly sized windows that you have a hard time fitting with traditional curtains or drapes. They can add a pop of color and fashion to a room that may otherwise be hard to decorate.

Sheers: These very lightweight window treatments can be used in addition to some of the other treatments listed. They can be swagged and cascaded for a number of different looks. Sometimes, you may want to choose a sheer to add a bit of color in a room without blocking the light coming in. It adds a nice finished touch to a room.

Check back later this week for more tips on choosing the right window treatments for each room in your house!