Commercial Bathrooms

Office Bathrooms

It can get hectic in the office especially around tax season. Why have your accountant clean the toilets when there are porcelain specialists in town? In an office environment, bathroom are used as more than just a bathroom break. These commercial bathrooms are used as make-up vanities, break areas, thinking spots, etc. With so many people coming in and out daily, the bathrooms can get messy fast. We can clean commercial bathrooms in any office environment.

Convenient Store Bathrooms

Often consumers stop at a convenient store for a bathroom break hoping that it is decent enough to use. They usually go straight to the bathroom before they buy anything. If consumers walk into a clean and tidy bathroom, they immediately have positive feelings about the store and are more likely to buy before leaving. However, if the bathrooms are a disaster the consumer may walk right back out of the store and drive up the street to the next gas station. With such high foot traffic in convenient stores, these commercial bathrooms can get bad quick. No need to lose customers over a dirty toilet or grungy floor. Let us do your dirty work so you can keep your foot traffic.

Shop Bathrooms

Mechanic shops and warehouse bathrooms can get very dusty and grimy from grease. Pushing grease around doesn’t clean very well. Our professionals use a degreaser to removes excess grease and sanitizes every surface for a smooth shiny surface. Commercial bathroom cleaning in shops should be left to the experts.

Restaurant Bathrooms

Fast food establishments and dine-in restaurants specialize in food preparation. Although the employees are trained on sanitation, their first thoughts are not about how clean the bathrooms are. They are concerned with things like how many people are waiting to be seated, if there is clean silverware and if the food is getting out on time. This is normal but sometimes these commercial bathrooms suffer. Having an expert thoroughly clean once a week can make a world of difference in the impact your company makes on consumers.

Bar Bathrooms

Bar bathrooms also have heavy foot traffic. You may think that it doesn’t matter that much…….its just a bar, but it matters more than you know. Bar customers do notice if your commercial bathrooms are dirty. This can make first time visitors leery of coming back. Frequent customers often consider your establishment to be a local hangout or even a second home. If the bathrooms are always dirty, they will remember that when telling others. “Yea that place is cool, but the bathrooms are always dirty.” That’s not the kind of word of mouth advertising that your establishment wants. Having your bathrooms professional cleaned once a week can turn things around for you. Your customers might start telling their friends “Yea that place is cool and the bathrooms are always clean!”

Commercial Bathrooms

While having employees is a good things, not all employees see what we see. Our professionals are trained to see the finest details. Outsourcing can be very beneficial when a job is done by a Top Toilet Technician.