Clutter Clean

Clutter Clean

A clutter clean is when your house is so overwhelmed by stuff and you desperately need to get organized and make a walkway. Don’t be embarrassed, life just gets busy especially when you have children. Between school, work and extracurricular activities your house can become such a mess.

During a clutter clean, we sort through things. We put away toys, clothes, and other things we find. We sort mail, magazines, books, and other paperwork. We find out where things go and if it doesn’t have a place, we make a place. We throw out the trash and straighten everything up. We also vacuum or sweep and mop.

We do not dust or polish anything, we do not move furniture, we do not do sanitize the entire house. This is an organization type of clean. After you get organized, we can come regularly to keep your home organized and sanitized. You can also combine our clutter clean and deep clean services if you would like to do it all in one visit, just make sure that you specify when making an appointment.

Laundry Service

Our company gladly provides extra services beyond the regular cleaning service. We do laundry! Yes that’s right, if you need help maintaining your laundry visit our laundry services page for more information. When getting an estimate, make sure that you tell customer service that you are in need of laundry services. This is not included in general cleaning.

We do Dishes!

We do dishes too! Our maid professionals are not afraid to get their hands dirty. If you have a large family or party event, we can clean up for you. When getting an estimate, make sure that you tell customer service that you are in need of dishes service. This is not included in a general clean.

Organization Services

Pit to Palace Cleaning professionals love getting you organized. We can do anything from organizing closets to organizing pantries and kitchen cabinets. We like to make sure that everything has a place. If you are tired of digging for the right bowl or pan, let us help you. You can read more on our organization services page.

If you are interested in a clutter clean, fill out the form below. Our customer service team will be in contact with you shortly. Don’t forget that we offer a no obligation FREE instant quote.