Closet Organization Ideas

Extra closet space always seems to be a struggle. Read our blog to learn some neat closet organization ideas that might make your life easier!

Closet Organization Ideas That Help With Shoes!

Often we just throw our shoes in our closet floor or at the end of the bed and keep it moving. This can get frustrating after a while when the shoes begin to take over the bedroom or you can no longer walk into your closet.

If you or your spouse love shoes, we may have a good solution for you. You can purchase “easy to install” shelving at Walmart or Home Depot. Most shelving systems or kits are reasonably simple with very few tools needed. You can find wood and wire closet organizers. If you are not savvy when it comes to putting things together, you can hire someone to help you.

You can also choose to hire a professional carpenter or general contractor to install sturdy wood shelving to get those shoes up off the floor. Having wood shelving is an excellent solution that keeps your shoes looking new.

closet organization ideas

Closet Organization Ideas That Help With Space!

We love to use under the bed plastic tubs with lids. They work for everything. In the nursery, you can use a tub that slides right under the crib to hold bedding and burp rags. In a toddlers room, you can use a tub that slides under the bed to store Lego’s, Barbie’s, Army men, race cars, Lincoln Logs, and more! In a teen’s bedroom, you can use a tub that slides under the bed for flip-flops, hair accessories, crafts, extra bedding, jackets, and more. For the master bedroom, you can store extra bedding, hats, shoes, holiday decor, seasonal clothing, etc. The options are endless.

Closet Organization Ideas For The Nursery!

Having a new baby can be overwhelming at times, especially after a baby shower. It’s so exciting until you get home and realize that you have nowhere to put everything the baby needs. A quick fix for the nursery is easy and affordable. Find a bookshelf you are no longer using or search for one at a garage sale. Arrange the shelves so that you can put in any color cloth drawers (about $10) and line up baby shoes. Also find short tension rods (about $5) to hang clothes. You can find colorful baskets for nose suckers, nail clippers, Tylenol, etc. at the Dollar Tree ($1 each).

closet organization ideas

Do you have more closet organization ideas? We would love to hear from you. Comment below and share with your friends for more ideas.