Cleaning Burleson Cleburne

For many people, hiring a housekeeper for cleaning is not an easy decision and it shouldn’t be. There are many things to consider when choosing whether or not to hire a cleaning professional.

How clean is your home?

In the chaos of our daily lives, it seems as if we have very little time to stop and enjoy the luxuries in life. We go to work everyday. Then we come home to piles of laundry, kick off our shoes and step on transformer figures on the way to the bathroom. We help the kids with their homework and make dinner. By the time we wash the dinner dishes and tuck the kids into bed, its time to hit the pillow. We hardly have time to worry about getting the dust off the ceiling fans, scrubbing the baseboards, looking under the beds, cleaning out the refrigerator, or organizing the kids closets. Even if we do find some time in our busy schedules, we are just too tired to get it all done. Don’t worry you are not the only one.

The few of us that have time to clean daily, still need to have a deep clean done occasionally. The fact is that as a homeowner, we get familiar with our own house and often miss details that cleaning professionals are trained to see. At Pit to Palace Cleaning, we offer a variety of cleaning services to suit your needs on a personal level.

How much time do you spend cleaning?

Most people spend an average of 2 hrs a day performing some type of cleaning. While this doesn’t sound like much time, it is valuable time that can be spent with the family. So many families in today’s society are constantly in a rush. Sleeping 15 minutes late could ruin your whole day. Without the stress of heavy cleaning and organization, you could spend more time with your spouse and children. We have some customers who take the kids to the Zoo or Fossil Rim while someone else take care of the grunt work. This extra time is especially helpful to single parents who can barely keep up with locating the kid’s shoes and definitely do not have time to worry about the details of washing windows.

Should you choose an individual or a company?

Most individuals are self-employed and do not have to answer to anyone. They do not have to run background checks and you do not know their history. Even if they provide you with references, they may have just listed a few friends. Often these individuals are displaced workers who offer to clean as a quick fix to their financial circumstances. Sometimes it works out, but often this leads to unhappy customers. There is also no privacy guarantee. If you are looking for the cheapest cleaning possible, an individual might suit your needs.

However, if you are looking for a good quality cleaning with someone that you can trust, you should hire professionals. You need people who really know what they are doing and have an eye for details. You need people to help you that have been trained properly and have earned the title “Professional”. You need people who are committed to customer confidentiality. Our company takes time hiring and training the right housekeepers for our customers. We care about our customers and their families. Our housekeepers are friendly and professional.

Why choose us?

What makes us different from other cleaning companies is that you are the boss. We do not give you the same cleaning that everyone else gets. We pick up wherever you left off. We specialize in giving our customers a personalized clean every time. We clean what you need cleaned. At Pit to Palace Cleaning, you are treated like family. We like to get to know our customers and we care about your needs. You will never be just a number. You are Barbara…you are Angie….and you are Troy.

Cleaning Burleson Cleburne

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