Make Ready Cleaning

Yes! Our professionals do make ready work.

Make Ready Cleaning

If you are new to the Burleson-Cleburne area, we would like to personally welcome you to the community! We know that moving can be stressful. There is so much to do! Sometimes when you buy a new home or office space, it may not be as clean as you would like it to be. Don’t worry a bit, we can help you get your home or office clean and beautiful before you move in.

New Home Make Ready

Buying a new home is supposed to be exciting, but it can also be overwhelming. We can make it a little easier on you. We can clean your home before you even move in. You can be assured that everything has already been sanitized before you move into your new home.

Real Estate Make Ready

We work for real estate agents also. Sometimes when a family moves out of a house, just simply being dirty can hurt its ability to re-sell. We would like to help you make your houses presentable. Offering to have a house professionally cleaned before your customer moves in can go a long way.

Rental Property Make Ready

If you are someone who owns rental property this may be music to your ears! We can help you with make ready cleaning after a tenant moves out. We detail clean the property and make it ready for show or the new tenant. It is usually easier to rent to a new tenant if the property is clean when you show it.

Occasionally, tenants leave behind furniture and trash. We can help you remove these things from the house to the curb or dumpster. This is referred to as a Trash-Out. If you are unsure about something just ask.

Apartment Complexes

Pit to Palace Cleaning also does make ready cleaning for apartments complexes. Often complexes use someone in-house, but the reality is that most are not professionals. They may do an okay job, but our staff is highly trained to see the finest details for your residents. We know that the turn over rate can be high sometimes especially in the summer and we can help you when you are swamped. We understand that most complexes have a set rate for cleaning already in their budget. We may be able to work with that budget, just call 817-395-2136 for more information.


Burleson Housekeeping

Pit to Palace Cleaning is a locally owned and operated cleaning company in Burleson, Texas. We serve southern Tarrant and Johnson counties. Our Burleson housekeeping staff is trained and experienced to handle any cleaning situation. We offer several types of cleaning in our housekeeping department including a personalized cleaning schedule that allows you to pick and choose from our cleaning services.

Burleson Housekeeping Goal

Our goal is to help the people of the community keep their home a happy home. Over time, our homes become cluttered, dusty, and sometimes even sticky. Don’t worry, this is common especially when both adults in the home work. When everybody in the house is working, it can be difficult to keep up with dishes and laundry, much less the details such as dusting and cleaning out the refrigerator. This is where our Burleson housekeeping staff would like to help.

We absolutely love helping our senior citizen customers. There are many elderly couples in the community who cannot physically clean anymore.

Our Reward

What keeps us going every day, is the smile and relief on each customer’s face as we leave. Watching as our customers shoulders relax in relief is awesome! We have been helping the people of the community get organized and find peace in their home.

Your Burleson housekeeping company would love to help you with your cleaning needs. Pit to Palace Cleaning is a highly experienced cleaning company. We have experience in housekeeping for apartments, townhomes, duplexes, senior living, RVs, manufactured homes, houses, ranches, and mansions. If there is something that needs cleaning, we can clean it!

Pit to Palace Cleaning is a member of the Burleson Area Chamber of Commerce and we are truly dedicated to making a difference in the community. We can accomplish that one house at a time!

If you are looking for a reputable company to help with your home’s cleaning needs, please call your Burleson Housekeeping company at 817-395-2136 to get a free estimate or get on the cleaning schedule.