Microfiber Benefits for Cleaning

Although people in Europe have been used microfiber cleaning for the last thirty years, the popularity has increased in the United States in just the last decade or so. Microfiber, which is a man-made product, is manufactured by splitting polyester fibers into even smaller fibers, which provides a superior cleaning over traditional mops and sponges.

With a width of less than 1/16th of a human hair, the microfibers can get into much tinier spaces than other mops, which is better for deep cleaning. The fibers also cause a positive electric charge that causes the dirt to stick better to the cloth or mop.

Microfiber tools can be purchased as clothes for counters and windows, pads for cleaning walls, and mops. Mops can be cut or looped with cut fibers being more abrasive and ideal for grouted and unsealed floors.

Safety Benefits of Microfiber

There are a number of safety benefits of using fiber over other cleaning tools.

Lightweight- The weight makes it safer for employees and other people to use and maneuver.

Wet Floors- Fiber mops use much less liquid than traditional mops and therefore floors dry faster. Less water is wasted and fewer falls occur with dryer floors.

Sanitation- Because less water is used with fiber mops, changing mop buckets is easier and faster, meaning you can refill the bucket for each room needing mopped. The extra level of sanitation is crucial in places like hospitals (and is probably a good idea in bathrooms too!)

Cost Benefits

Microfiber is designed to last a long time, for more than 500 washings. Long term usage adds up to big cost benefits for buyers. There are a number of popular cloths on the market right now, so you can choose from a number of styles and uses. Some cloths don’t even require the use of detergents.


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