Nursery Preparation- Getting Ready for Baby

There is nothing more exciting than getting ready for a new baby. The baby showers, the clothes buying, the nesting period; it’s all a wonderfully chaotic time in life. And the icing on the cake is the nursery. Baby’s room. That picture-perfect scene of what’s to come. (Even if baby never sleeps in there, or you end up with a stack of diapers in the living room floor.) As you’re preparing for your new arrival, you’ll want to make sure you have covered the following so that you’re as ready as you can be for the big day!

The Nursery Space

  1. The room you choose for your nursery should be warm and inviting. It should be quiet enough that household noise doesn’t interrupt important sleep times, but should also be close enough for your child’s safety (and those night time feedings).
  2. To begin your preparation, clear everything out of the room and out of the closets.
  3. Then, you’re ready to paint! Choose your theme, pick your colors, and get ready for the transformation. Pick paint colors that are complementary to your your theme and bedding and other decor. Vibrant colors will be visually stimulating for your new baby. If you choose to add wallpaper, pick a fun border around the tops of the walls (well out of baby’s reach).
  4. Consider carpet. Falls are going to happen, so a cushy carpeted floor will help prevent injuries.

The Accessories

  1. Time for furniture. The crib is, obviously, the focal point in the room. Assemble the crib and other furniture inside the room, just in case anything is too big to fit through the door. A crib and changing table are the most essential items, followed by dressers and rockers.
  2. Make sure the furniture and the floors have been cleaned of all debris after assembly.
  3. Stock up! Get the sheets on the bed, have an extra sheet on standby, and load up the changing table with plenty of diapers, wipes, diaper pins, and lotion. You’ll also want to check the batteries on the baby monitor and any musical item or mobile you have in the room. If you’re using disposable diapers, a Diaper Genie is a great investment. If you’re using cloth diapers, a diaper pail and a trashcan will be necessary.
  4. Get ready for baby! With the room set, clothes in the drawers, and diapers at the changing table, your nursery is all ready for when you get home.

Did we forget anything? Let us know what nursery essentials you can’t live without!

Sofa Buying Essentials

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Dinner Table Fun

Dinner Table Fun

Dinner Table in Modern Time

The dinner table can serve as a source for many different things. In Modern times the dining room table was across the room from the kitchen. This made it easier to serve food. The dining room table was where everyone in the castle gathered to enjoy a meal. The first tables were generally long and rectangular. But this day in age there are many different kinds of dining tables. They can come in all different shapes, styles and sizes. But they all still serve the same purpose. This is more than just enjoying a meal.

Family Mealtime

In the past family mealtime was considered a tradition. Now some families don’t even enjoy a meal in the same room anymore. The table is more commonly used for events or holidays. Although not all families are the same, some still believe in the importance of a family meal. It is a time for everyone in the house to unite as one.

Staying Connected

It is always a great idea to have family and friends over as often as possible. This allows everyone a chance to share what is going on in their lives. This is an easy way to stay connected and involved with your loved ones. Even a great game and some snacks can strike up a great conversation. It’s important to stay in touch and let each other know that you care.

Gatherings with Guests

Every now and then the guys like to get together and have a night with their friends. Well ladies like a good girl’s night as well. The table can be where everyone gathers for a game night and a couple margaritas. Playing adult games as a group can almost always be considered a blast. It gives you a little time with people your own age and allows you to set aside some adult fun. Some great games for adults are Taboo, Apples to Apples and even a good old fashioned card game.

Children around the Table

Kids love to have a game night and sleep over with family and friends. A night making Play Dough farm animals can be fun but also messy. The dining table is the perfect place for an Arts and Crafts kind of night. It is much better to make a mess at the table than on your carpet. It is also easier to clean up. It doesn’t take much to please kids. A little creativity can go a long way. Don’t be afraid to join in on the fun. Let your inner child out and get your hands dirty with them.

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