Preparing Your Business for Health Inspection

Health inspection visits are a common part of your food business. Be prepared for health inspection and know what to do when they get there and if you need to improve.

Tips for Health Inspection Preparation

  • Use a similar form for your preparations as the health inspector will use for their visit. It will help you to prepare sufficiently.
  • Start your practice walk through from the outside. You’ll get a full, more objective view.
  • Communicate with your kitchen staff and emphasize food safety.
  • Prioritize the topics of inspection. First, food temperature and times will be priority, followed by personal hygiene and cross contamination.
  • Hand washing should always be emphasized. Signs should be visible in bathrooms and at all kitchen sinks.
  • Make sure managers and staff are up to date with latest training, and review your local health code for for local specifics.

During Health Inspection Visit

  • Request the credentials of the inspector. If the inspector is unable to verify their identity, it is proper to call the health department to get appropriate credentials.
  • Do not refuse an inspection upon request. Refusal will lead to a warrant and cause problem and suspicion.
  • Next, walk through your business along with the inspector so that you can take notes. If they find any violations, you can show your willingness to correct problems. Answer questions truthfully and provide adequate information.
  • Do not offer any food or anything else that could possibly be seen as an attempt to influence reports.
  • Sign the report after inspection and ask the inspector to explain findings to your staff. Take a moment to share suggestions for areas of improvement.

Follow Up

  • For any citations given during the visit, make the following changes.
  • Fix the most important violations from the inspection.
  • Furthermore, communicate with your employees all of the violations and their importance. Work with staff to avoid future violations.
  • If you have any questions about findings, ask for explanation. You and the inspector should be on the same side. You should be working toward the improvement of your business.
  • If you have any disagreements, the decision can be appealed at a later date.



Marble Care and Cleaning

Marble is in high demand and is a beautiful addition to your home. But, natural stone requires a different level of care than other products and should be treated carefully to maintain its look. Whether you are caring for marble counter tops or flooring, keep in mind the following in your maintenance plan.


For Counter Tops

For general care,

  • Do remember to use coasters for your glasses, especially if your drink is citrus or alcohol. Acidic drinks will cause more damage than other liquids, so be especially cautious with those liquids around your marble.
  • Do remember to use a hot pad under items right from the oven or stove.
  • Do remember to use placemats or trivets under items that may scratch your surface, such as ceramics and silver.

For Flooring

For safety and general care,

  • Do place runners right inside all entrances to prevent slipping.
  • Do use mats outside of all entrances for guests to dry their shoes.
  • Mop as necessary (more applicable for commercial buildings) to remove snow, ice, and water.

Cleaning Marble

  • Do remember to dust mop often.
  • Do use mild detergents or cleaning products specific for the marble and finish you have.
  • Do clean spills immediately and be sure to dry thoroughly.
  • Do protect floors and counter tops from scratches with rugs, runners, coasters, or placemats.
  • Do NOT use acidic cleaning agents such as vinegar or lemon juice when cleaning natural stone. The acids are corrosive and can cause unnecessary wear on your marble.
  • Do vacuum, but make sure your vacuum has all working parts and no worn pieces that may scratch the surface of the stone.


Sealing is the best way to add an additional level of protection to your natural stone. There are a variety of sealants, and you must consider the color of the stone as well as the condition of it before choosing a sealant. Consult a natural stone specialist to help you determine if and how you should seal your marble to maintain the aesthetics and the life of your stone.

Natural stone is a great addition to your home, but can be a costly investment. So, when you make the decision to add stone to your home, you want to make sure you read the warranty and get the specific instructions from your manufacturer so you can prolong the beauty of your piece.


Mildew and Mold and What You Need to Know

Mold and mildew present in the home can cause a host of problems, including affecting the health of the people living in the home. Mold and mildew are fungi, and thrive in a warm, wet environment. Some molds are beneficial (yay cheese and penicillin), but others can be quite dangerous. And while we can appreciate … Read more

Restaurant In’s and Out’s

Restaurant In’s and Out’s

Restaurant Business

Owning a restaurant or even managing one can come with many responsibilities. There are many codes by the health department that must be handled correctly. All expectations must be met in order to continue to operate. You also have to consider the effort that is put into the restaurant itself and the employees as well. Even cleaning a restaurant is a big deal and must be done right.

Keeping up with Code

Trying to make sure everything is in place for your Grand Opening or Re-Opening is a process. You have to make sure you are on your toes. Being visited by the health inspector is nerve-wracking. The food service industry is very popular and a lot of money is put into it, as well as out of it. “It takes money to make money”, is an expression many business owners are familiar with. They know it all too well.

Maintaining a Clean Restaurant

When you go out to eat with family and friends you always choose something you enjoy. But your also choosing somewhere you feel comfortable and there is a clean environment. Nobody can enjoy a meal with a nasty table or floors that are covered in grease. If you’re having a hard time keeping your area a grease free zone, try some simple stuff first. For example, try using some regular degreaser and a scrubbing brush or a coarse sponge. Sometimes letting the degreaser set in for at least 10 minutes can go a long way. If this still is not helpful, try using baking soda. Baking soda can also help you not only get rid of grease, but get rid of the caked on dingy look as well.

Clean Employees

Make sure all of your employees are representing your place of business well. Most of the time, the employees ate the first faces to see. Good hygiene and a friendly smile go a long way. Make a great first impression and the customers will come back for sure. Friendly, clean and good food in a timely manner is often what people are looking for. Keep your customers and your employees happy and healthy.

Don’t Fear we’re here

If you feel there is some things that you can’t do by yourself, we are here to help. We know many tricks to the trade. We can help you get things up and running in no time. We specialize in residential and commercial cleaning; and we know how to fight those unpleasant restaurant kitchen stains. Meeting health department standards or re-opening your doors can feel good. We can put your mind at ease knowing we can get you up to par.