Bathroom Updates in a Weekend

Bathroom Updates in a Weekend

Sometimes you just need a refresher, but do not have the time or the money for a major overhaul. If you are looking to update your bathroom without a complete remodel, we have some great suggestions.

New Bathroom Paint

If your bathroom is already furnished the way you like it, a simple coat of paint may be all you need to add the magic touch. Make sure you’re happy with your cabinets, mirrors, vanity, and other pieces in your bathroom before deciding to repaint. You can sand old cabinets and apply new paint and you can paint the walls as well. Don’t forget to buy the paint specifically made for bathrooms, otherwise you risk peeling!

Add Shelves

You can add pull out shelving in your cabinets to help keep things organized and easy to find. Pull out shelves will make reaching the back of your deep cabinets much easier. This simple addition will make your cabinets feel brand new!

Accent Tiles

You can change the entire look of your bathroom by adding tile. Connect your shower and sink areas or add tiles above cabinets to give the room a completely new focus! The sky’s the limit with color and patterns, so get creative!

Go Retro

You can find old tables and unique vanities at flea markets and other crafting locations. If you moisture proof a wooden cabinet, you can fit it with a sink, and make a really neat rustic space.

Switch the Lights

Bathrooms seem to have the worst lighting! Go for an upgrade by either adding pretty light fixtures or changing up the type of lighting you have in the bathroom.

Change a Counter top

If the cabinet is in good condition, consider switching the counter top (especially in an older home). Choosing a fresh laminate or a remnant piece of granite will update your bathroom faster than you can say “Help me, HGTV!” Check out a Habitat for Humanity Restore for extra items for your upgrade.

Get a Handle on Things

Updating little accessories, like cabinet handles, makes a big difference in the overall look of the room. So, check out your toliet paper holder, your shower faucet handles, the toilet seat, and the cabinet handles for little things that can be changed for an entirely new look.